The 12 Hard & Fast Rules To Motivating & Keeping The Best People

With an excellent team around you, it is imperative you keep them. It is far more costly to employ than it is to train.

So, with that said, how can you retain your staff, and take the extra step to motivate your team?

Here are our 12 Hard and Fast Rules to Motivating and Keeping The Best People within your business;

1. Conduct formal induction training

  • Treat them as the most important person in the business from day one.

  • Make them feel special and confirm they have made the right decision to join your team.

  • Introduce them to your team, your culture, your systems.

  • Communicate the steps you will take to prevent confusion.

2. Get to know them

  • The law of reciprocation dictates that the interest and respect you show for me I will naturally return.

  • Show honest interest in what is important to them. Get to know their partners name, their kids, their interests and ask genuine questions about them.

3. Conduct weekly team meetings

  • To communicate vision, direction and focus.

  • Communicate successes, current projects.

  • Public praise for individuals or team.

4. Praise in public, criticise in private

  • Acknowledge each person’s contribution to your success.

  • Most people would rather feel needed and respected than be given a pay increase. Say thank you.

  • Write a hand written note of thanks to someone who has done a good job.

5. Don’t manage them, lead

  • Share the vision of the business in a way that they feel compelled to join you in your cause.

  • Lead by example.

  • Speak with confidence.

  • Stand tall and hold yourself with pride.

  • Always remain positive. Never let your staff hear or see you speak negatively.

  • This will instil confidence in the team.

6. Remain level headed always

  • Never raise your voice to an employee. They are not a dog.

  • If there is a mistake, provide your employee the opportunity to explain why it occurred.

7. Clarity of Communication

  • Communicate clearly and concisely (written, verbal or non-verbal).

  • If your message is confusing your employees will be too.

8. Encourage Pride

  • Show pride in your company and its products and encourage others to take pride in their work.

  • Set a high example.

  • Don’t accept second best personally or your staff will follow your lead.

9. Build a team

  • Let each employee know they are a valuable member of your team.

  • Show them where they fit in the system that produces the final result.

  • Trust them to do their job.

  • Don’t let your ego get in the way of the team performance.

  • Celebrate team success through team bonding activities – a night out, poker night etc – with the key to have fun!

  • A group that plays together stays together.

10. Commit to measurement

  • Watch your dashboard closely.

  • Ensure the measurements are related to employees or their departments so you can ask specific questions in relation to their results.

  • Provides overall team with focus and motivation.

11. Encourage creativity

  • Meet with your staff once a month for a brainstorming session.

  • Get suggestions on how to improve your product, service, customer satisfaction or profit.

  • Reward creativity that is implemented and provides great results.

12. Delegate

  • Do what you do best and delegate the rest.

  • Give your staff the responsibility and authority to do their jobs – and let them do it!

  • Give encouragement. Retain the ultimate authority though.

Leveraging your time and money through the internal people in your business is a wise move. Get the best out of each and every one of them through the use of the tips above.

What’s next?

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