Are Your Stress Levels Increasing?

Operating a trade business today is clearly NOT the same as it was 5 years ago… or 12months for that matter…

As an example, technology has brought the benefit of immediate connectivity with customers and increased efficiency in the form of cool applications to assist with streamlining your trade business (think CRM and cloud accounting to name a few) .
The trade off is, of course, the expectation on you, the tradie, to understand and apply the systems so that they actually bring a benefit to your business and not a raging headache (no mean feat), and the increased expectation from our customers of an immediate response.
So immediate is their expectation that the customer wants you to have a tradesman complete a job today, not tomorrow, or next week.

Compound this with the necessity to present yourself professionally with a responsive website, show up on time (squeezed in today!), complete an exceptional job (right first time), then strategise your marketing to compete with the growing number of tradies in your area, complete your invoicing, follow-up any outstanding money, train the new employee on your systems (that are in your head), then go home to your partner leaving the issues at the door AND smile throughout the process; no wonder the stress levels of the average tradie are increasing and the feeling of burn out is becoming a common conversation.

Long gone are the days when a trade business owner is simply the ‘technician’, simply working on the tools. Whether they like it or not, to succeed in business they must adopt the roles of ‘Manager’ and ‘Entrepreneur’, as explained by Michael E. Gerber in his book ‘The E-Myth”.

In fact, if the thousands of tradies we speak with is anything to go by, stress levels operating your own trade business are at an all time high.

A recent study conducted by Officeworks claimed that Australian small business owners are under immense pressure and risking their wellbeing, with almost half (45%) claiming their stress levels have increased in the past 12months and a quarter feeling burnt out.

It was not surprising that the study went on to reveal that 40% are struggling with trying to juggle everything themselves, and a further 22% are experiencing loneliness and isolation.

Sadly, the report went on to say that only a quarter of business owners are seeking support for stress, while a slightly higher percentage (29%) are seeking help for the business.

Is that ego or pride getting in the way?

When there is help available we can only hope that trade business owners are reaching out to lighten the load and burden of operating a small business in complete isolation.

We can only be thankful that at LEAST this number of tradies are seeking help. It’s not considered a strike to your ego anymore to ask for help, it’s considered intelligent. Especially when you consider there are people around who have ‘walked your path before you’ and all you need to do it follow in their footsteps.

I know running on soft sand is far easier when I step in someone’s thoughtful footsteps before me. Call it cheating… I call it clever!

So all that said, are your stress levels higher than 12months ago?
and if so, what are you doing about it to prevent risking your health?

P.s. Do yourself a favour and reach out for help if you are feeling the pressure of operating your trade business in isolation.
You could start with our ‘Tradie Revolution’ webinar to get a leg up on how to operate a productive and profitable trade business, reduce your stress and gain control.

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