Who gives a blog?

Blog writing, who actually cares? Everyone has a bloody blog and nobody reads them… 

Well the reality is, your customers do because it gives your business credibility!  

Old website = Lazy tradie.  

It’s so simple to create a good looking website… that customers think you’re lazy if it’s subpar. 

Potential customers are not only judging how professional your website is, but also how recently it was updated. Consistent, blog writing shows a potential customer that you are dedicated to keeping your site not only professional, but current. 

By extension, they think you’ll go the extra mile in your work too. 

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. 

Firstly, if you’re not a writer delegate this task to somebody who is! 

The point of including blogs on your website is to look MORE professional, and having a poorly written blog will do the opposite.

There are freelance copywriters everywhere, and most will provide sample blog writing before you hire them — You have to see this as an investment into building your trade business brand equity. 

Keep it short… simple… relevant… and SHARE IT! 

Short: 500 words is perfect, but feel free to use less! 

Simple: Keep language conversational, and relaxed! SEO tagging is a must, and should be a key focus of all your blog posts. 

Relevant: Stick to talking about your trade, and relevant ‘trade news’. Don’t use this as a platform to share your personal take on Trump’s latest tweet, or your hate of Woolies self-serve checkouts. 

Also don’t forget to share your blog to your social media pages with a link to your website with a catchy caption; “Check out our blog ‘We can fix your hubbies DIY fix’ click HERE to find out how”. 

When to post: 

Once a week is amazing — and with good SEO tagging, will keep you high on search results. 

Once a fortnight is great especially when you are just starting your blogging journey.

Once a month is sufficient this is enough for any customer to see your website is updated regularly. 

….but be consistent! Ensure it’s on the same day of every month and you don’t miss one! 


Use a professional image site like 123RF images, Shutterstock or Unsplash. There are also sites that offer free images, if you accredit the creator. 

These look much more professional, as they are high resolution images. Downloading images from google may land you in hot water, especially if the image is copyrighted. 

And that’s a wrap! If you’re not already blogging, use this as a checklist to get yourself started on your blog writing journey. Whilst you might not see it yield immediate results, it will give you great content for your social pages, and a one-up on your competition. 

 What’s next?

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