Start Up. Scale Up. Sell Up.
For tradies who want to make more profit
and fast-track freedom

Book Bonus!

When all hell is breaking loose, most tradies are still reluctant to take action to make changes. It’s awesome to see you’re not one of them. The purpose of our book, Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up is to provide you with the exact steps to build a profitable business. Congratulations for stepping up and seeking out these book bonuses to create a better trade business and lifestyle.

You’re now in the hot seat to benefit from these free trade-specific bonuses, developed by fellow trade business owners and award-winning educators, Andy and Angela Smith. They’re designed to help you make more profit and fast-track financial freedom. Being a busy tradie, you’ll find the bonuses are easy-to-read and even easier to implement for immediate results.


Yes, systems are a bit of a head screw — and can be expensive to set up. In this free resource, you’ll get all the intel on how to systemise your trade business to get off the tools. Sweet!


Are you taking a scattergun approach to social media? In this free resource, you’ll get a how-to guide on the best way to set up your social platforms, plus a scheduling example. Yes, please!


Do you have a systemised onboarding process or are your employees thrown in the deep end on arrival? In this free resource, you’ll get a tried-and-tested onboarding flowchart. Fantastic!


Want to win more quotes and make more profit? In this free bonus resource, you’ll get 5 cheat sheets to convert more quotes. How rock-solid is your quote-flow system? Give this a go!

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