BONUS: How to Outsmart the Big Guys on Price with Buy4Tradies

In this special bonus episode of The Tradie Show, Andy and Angela introduce a game-changing solution for trade business owners grappling with rising costs. They unveil Buy4Tradies, a revolutionary buying group designed to give small-to-medium trade businesses the same buying power as the big guys.

Growing Your Trade Business For FREE

In this episode of Lifestyle Tradie, Andy and Ange dive into the world of cost-effective marketing strategies that can help expand your trade business without draining your wallet. Learn how to maximise impact with minimal investment and discover practical methods to attract and retain customers.

Tax Tales & Fails: The Tradie Edition

In today’s episode, Andy and Ange dive into the tax troubles that can trip up even the savviest tradies. Whether you’re battling bookkeeping blues or just need a refresher on GST basics, this episode has got you covered.

The Goldmine Marketing Strategy You’re Sitting On

Today, Andy and Ange dive deep into the often-overlooked goldmine of retention marketing. If you’re tired of the constant hustle for new customers, this episode is your ticket to easier profits and loyal customers.

The Strongest Tool: Emotional Intelligence for the Tough Tradesman

Join Andy and Ange as they dive into the world of emotional intelligence and its transformative impact on leadership in the trades. It’s time to debunk the old “tough it out” mindset and explain how understanding and managing emotions can propel you to new heights of leadership.