How Pimple Popping Inspired Nathan’s Viral Lawn Mowing Videos

Welcome to The Tradie Show episode that dives deep into the world of social media for tradies, featuring the viral sensation, Nathan from Nathan’s Lawns and Gardens! Andy and Angela Smith, unpack the secrets to leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram to skyrocket your trade business’s visibility and success.

The Road to Wealth Creation for Tradies – with Special Guest Chris Gray

This episode is a treasure trove of strategies, stories, and insights designed to help you kick down the barriers to wealth creation. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to expand your portfolio, there’s something in here for every trade business owner looking to make their money work harder.

BONUS Episode: What is Lifestyle Tradie?

What exactly is Lifestyle Tradie? That is a question we get asked a lot, especially by trade business owners who are feeling a bit stuck and burnt out, overwhelmed, or are simply saying to themselves, there’s got to be a better way to operate a successful trade business.

Close Calls & Cashflow: How Bookkeeping Saves Tradies from Financial Disaster!

This episode isn’t just about crunching numbers; it’s a lifeline to turning your trade business around from the brink of financial woes to a state of cash-rich success. Through real-life stories, expert insights, and practical tips, we reveal how mastering the art of bookkeeping is not just necessary but essential for any tradie looking to scale up and secure financial freedom.

The Polocrosse Plumber: Balancing Pipes and Ponies

Dive into the inspiring journey of John Franklin and Emily McCarthy, the trade business duo whose life is as vibrant and dynamic as the Gold Coast Hinterland they call home.
From wrenches to riding, this power couple has tailored a thriving plumbing and gas business that aligns with their love for family, horses, and elite sportsmanship.
In this episode of The Tradie Show, you’ll get an insider’s look at how passion, professionalism, and Lifestyle Tradie principles can shape a business to suit the life you desire.

5 x CashFlow Killers Every Tradie Must Control NOW!

In this episode of the Tradie Show, Andy and Ange tackle the complex world of cash flow, peeling back the layers to expose the challenges that can quietly undermine even the most successful trade businesses.

Field Team Mastery: Unlocking Growth Secrets with AroFlo’s GM

Unlock the secrets to scaling and mastering your field team in a candid conversation with the CEO of AroFlo, Peter Darley. This episode peels back the layers on the strategies that have catapulted AroFlo to the forefront of trade business management. Discover actionable insights that can transform the way you manage, lead, and grow your field team.

Hooked on Doing It All? … How to Finally Let Go

In this episode of the Tradie Show, we dive deep into the heart of every trade business owner’s struggle: the art of letting go. Whether you’re knee-deep in the trenches of your trade business, feeling the weight of every decision, or finding yourself stuck on the DIY merry-go-round of daily tasks, this episode is your ticket to freedom and growth.

Pricing Psychology 101: Setting Rates & Attracting A-Grade Clients

If you’ve ever scratched your head wondering how some tradies manage to charge premium rates and still win the job, this is the episode you can’t afford to miss. Tune in as we reveal the secrets to setting prices that not only reflect the value of your services but also attract the high-calibre clients you’ve been dreaming of.

AI – The Tradie’s Secret Weapon!

Dive into the future with Andy and Ange on today’s episode of The Tradie Show, where we’re peeling back the layers of Artificial Intelligence and its transformative impact on the trade industry. If you think AI is just for tech whizzes, think again – it’s here, and it’s reshaping the tradie landscape!