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Are you a Trade Business Owner that’s ready to… 

  • Get off the tools! Find out which SYSTEMS you need to implement
  • Make more PROFIT (not just turnover) by understanding key financial data
  • Win more jobs and QUOTE like a pro 
  • Work smarter not harder. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE for tradies.
  • Nail your MARKETING
  • Build a dream TEAM

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, you’re going to want to read the benefits below and then claim your free tickets, before they sell out!


Tuesday 28th May 2024
Location: QT Perth
133 Murray St, Perth WA
Register from 8:45am
Event starts: 9:15am
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Wednesday 29th May 2024
Location: The Terrace Hotel
208 South Terrace, Adelaide, SA
Register from 8:45am
Event starts: 9:15am
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Wednesday 12th June 2024
Location: Rydges Parramatta
116-118 James Ruse Drive
Register from 8:45am
Event starts: 9:15am
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Tuesday 18th June 2024
Location: Amora Hotel
649 Bridge Road, Richmond
Register from 8:45am
Event starts: 9:15am
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Wednesday 19th June 2024
Location: Novotel Brisbane
38 Cordelia Street
Register from 8:45am
Event starts: 9:15am
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Lifestyle Tradie on Tour is presented LIVE in major cities across Australia. Tickets are strictly limited, so you must act now to grab your free tickets. No recording will be provided. You’ll need to be there in person.

Introducing Lifestyle Tradie on Tour

It’s clear, business is changing and it’s changing fast! If you’re sick of staying up late quoting and invoicing, if you finally want to get off the tools then you need SYSTEMS within your business to allow you to break free.  

If you’re sick and tired of missing time with your family and friends and want to be making more profit… not just turnover, actual PROFIT, then you need your business to be setup the right way.  

To help you navigate these changes, Australia’s #1 Tradie Business Coach has created a brand-new one-day workshop, which is unlike anything else you have experienced before.  

In just one day, you’ll learn how to unlock the inside secrets to trade business success and learn how to leverage the latest AI tools to grow your business fast!  

By attending Lifestyle Tradie on Tour you’ll learn…  

  • Why the next year will be the most important and disruptive ever!
  • Systems = Stress free business. Learn 4 easy steps to get you off the tools and gift you back your time. It is possible! 
  • Put profit in your pocket. We’re not talking revenue, we want profit! Learn key financial data to drive your business.
  • How to navigate cashflow in your business and gain financial freedom.
  • Quote like a pro and win more work! Quoting the right way is the difference between winning work or losing it. Get your quote-flow system in great shape. 
  • Artificial intelligence for tradies. The 5 ways you can use ChatGPT in your trade business right now. 
  • Need more customers? Nail the foundations of your marketing and effective sales techniques to result in converted jobs.  

We’ve helped
thousands of trade
business owners unlock
the potential in their
trade business! 


Lifestyle Tradie is proud to be aligned with the following trade industry leaders.



Good question, Iʼm glad you asked… Hereʼs all the answers you are seeking….

It’s the best business people who are successful, not the best tradies. And I bet you didn’t learn much about business principles at T.A.F.E! The thing is, you have a choice: continue to work things out yourself through expensive trial and error, or, fast-track your freedom with tried-and-tested ‘trade specific’ strategies you can copy, modify and apply to your own trade business for immediate and long-lasting results.

If you’ve ever thought there must be a tradie business coach who provides a personalised strategy based on deep business analysis, and a simple roadmap to follow that is systematic about building the right foundations for success, AND access to a top-notch community of leaders, then look no further. Lifestyle Tradie is the answer. We help put more profit in your pocket and ultimately help you create the lifestyle and freedom you’ve always wanted.

Lifestyle Tradie on Tour is our national events series designed specifically for trade business owners and their partners, who want to learn how to make more profit, gain back their time and elevate their business. Sound like you? Then this event is not to be missed.

The aim of ‘Lifestyle Tradie On Tour’ is to provide you with genuine take-home lessons and learnings you can apply in your trade business to see change and achieve results. We discuss topics that solve problems many trade business owners face, which typically involves having a broken business model (or no business model). So, it’s important to understand how Lifestyle Tradie and our business model works in fixing this situation. Nobody likes to be sold to – neither do we! You’ll just get a little bit of insight into Lifestyle Tradie and how we can truly help you in your business. You decide if we are the right fit for you. 
This investment will ensure you grow your skillset to be a business owner that can communicate, with absolute clarity, the future vision of the business and how everyone fits in. A knowledge base that only increases over time, and once embedded into your mind, cannot be removed. To be better. You must commit.

Yes, we love meeting trade business owners face-to-face and helping them understand there is a better way to operate a systemised, streamlined and profitable trade business.

Yes, Lifestyle Tradie on Tour is a FREE live event. Since 2009, we have been committed to helping thousands of trade business owners get off the tools and make more profit by providing access to our own trade specific content and knowledge. Keen to learn more? Click here to access free cheat sheets, templates and trade specific resources.