Get Out Of Your Shell – And SELL!

Recently at the Lifestyle Tradie Master Class: 7 Sales Skills Made Easy, we discovered how important personality profiles are when it comes to ‘selling’, especially our own.

Meet me at a party and I will probably have a lot to say. Get stuck next to me on a flight and I may not stop talking to you the entire trip I’m an extrovert, that is for certain.

Are you an extrovert too? Or are you an introvert?

It’s not better to be either one or the other, and really, we can all be introverts or extroverts, depending on the situation. I know people who would be viewed as extroverts at a party they host, but when they are guests at a party where they know no one, they appear to be introverts.

As an introvert, you may feel like ‘selling’ is much harder for you. So, how do you become extroverted in a sales situation when you are not naturally comfortable with it?

Here’s a few tips that will help you get out of your introverted comfort zone.

Get passionate:

Become so excited about what you’re selling that you just have to share it with the world. Becoming passionate about your product or service makes you less interested in how you are perceived and more concerned about showing excitement about what you have to offer.

Do one thing a day that you fear:

Be courageous and make a point of facing your fears, no matter how big or small. It will instill courage and belief inyourself and change your focus from limitations to possibilities.

Be Persistent:

In business, you won’t become successful if you never getcriticised. Follow up on customers so much that they admire you for your persistence. If you believe in your product, your business and yourself, then you will be willing to insist.

Say hello’:

Don’t walk past any person without acknowledging them. Force yourself to look everyone in the eye and say hello.This helps you to decide at will, when you want to be extroverted, whether while selling or another situation.

Observe people for their differences: 

Take a moment and observe how people are different from one another. This will stop you from thinking that everyone is going to respond the same way.

Practice Your Public Speaking: 

The only way to become comfortable speaking to people is to get in front of audiences. You could join a supportive group such as Toastmasters International where everyone is taught how to speak in front of others.

Stay busy:

When you’re constantly on the go, you just don’t have time to be uncomfortable. You have to ask for help, get help and talk to people.

Help other people:

A great way to get outside yourself is to help others.

After a few lost sales can make you become introverted and anxious. That said, by working with someone else’s prospective customers you really have nothing to lose yourself, and you will feel more relaxed and regain your confidence.

Remember that selling is all about a combination of personalities coming together and communicating. You cant change your customer, but you can sure have a go at your own communication skills.

What’s next?

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