How Do You Know You Have a ‘Disengaged’ Employee?

Everyone has worked with a disengaged employee or co-worker at one time or another. They’re can actually be quite easy to spot once you chat with them for a few minutes – they just don’t care!

They don’t care about whether the company succeeds or fails, have little or no interest in their position or the people around them and instead of helping your business grow, they’re most likely just dragging it down.

Disengaged employees don’t understand just how much of a role the culture of a business plays into its success. Complaining, gossiping and lying are just a few of the worst traits of disengaged employees… but there are lots more!

Do you have any ‘disengaged Employees’ in your business?

CLICK HERE for ’13 Traits Of A Disengaged Employee’ – Infographic

But don’t think that having disengaged employees means you immediately have to get rid of them… there may just be another answer. It is up to you as their leader, to try to engage that employee again. Remember that staff retention, is much easier that having to hire and train all over again.

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