Lifestyle Tradie Magazine #63 – January – June 2022

In edition 63 of the Lifestyle Tradie Magazine, we deliver you as always with hot topics from the tradie world that YOU need to know about.

In this release, our VIP Diamond Member, Ashley Woolf, owner of Woolf Plumbing & Gas shares his story of how he stumbled into plumbing after actually wanting to head into the electrical world, and how he ended up as a business owner himself. He also chats to us about his main drive to start a trade business, like so many others, so he is able to be a present husband and Dad to his two young kids.

Check out the magazine to read his full profile, plus discover if subbies or full timers are best for your business, how to deal with negative feedback online PLUS also how to KEEP great staff during this turbulent time dubbed the ‘Great Resignation’.