Reveal: 3 big changes at Lifestyle Tradie in 2020

We’re thrilled to unveil 3 big changes at Lifestyle Tradie this week. Over the last few months, our team has done some serious work behind the scenes to create a new website, brand identity and live event series.

While these are changes are significant and exciting, our mission remains the same: to help tradies in business to make more profit and fast-track freedom. So, why did we decide to pivot?

We believe our new website, new brand identity and new live events series better depicts our energetic, positive culture and community and the way we deliver our educational services for tradies in business.

Here’s an outline of the 3 big changes to Lifestyle Tradie in 2020:

1. New Lifestyle Tradie website

The new Lifestyle Tradie website is … nothing like our old website. We’ve totally overhauled our it. You’ll see our relevant and original content is easy to read, perfect for time-strapped tradies who want information fast. You’ll love the clean, modern design.

You’ll learn more about the story of our co-founders, Andy and Angela Smith, who hit rock bottom in their own trade business before transforming it into the profitable enterprise it is today. We’ve published helpful free resources, which you can download any time.

You’ll also get a sneak peek into our new podcast and monthly webinar.

2. New brand identity

We’ve completely rebranded Lifestyle Tradie. Our new logo is the symbol of our new brand identity. The circle represents our connected Lifestyle Tradie community, who benefits from sharing knowledge, wins and challenges, and networking at our live member events.

Why the black and fluro colour palette?

We’ve teamed up the colour of Andy’s trademark black tee with a pop of neon green for a bit of fun factor. What do you think?

3. New live event series

Finally, we’ve launched a new national live events series, Lifestyle Tradie Live, which kicks off in Melbourne on Tuesday, 24 March. The duration of each event is five hours, starting at 9:30am. This gives tradies and their partners, who are parents, the chance to do the school drop off beforehand.

This free event series is designed to provide tradies in business five tactics to power up profits, including how to quote like a pro, customer retention, the latest in tradie tech and a tried-and-tested business model every tradie can apply. It’s short, sharp and super informative.

That completes our outline of the 3 big changes at Lifestyle Tradie in 2020. What changes are you planning in your business? If you’re struggling to get started or would like some help, get in touch.