How safe are you?

How safe are you?

The notion of ‘cybercrime’ evokes images of highly professional hackers in a room surrounded by high tech computers, spending hours “cracking the mainframe” of a powerful company….

Or perhaps, you imagine a foreign country trying to access our military information through a ring of spy software and implanted listening devices?

The reality is, this is just a Hollywood portrayal of cybercrime, and like most movies doesn’t accurately reflect the real world. Cybercrime isn’t as professional as it sounds, and it isn’t reserved for big companies and government agencies.

More than one cybercrime is reported every 10 minutes. An average of 164 cybercrime reports are made by Australians every day — according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

That’s over 60,000 claims PER YEAR!

The businesses reporting attacks are small businesses, just like yours. Why? Because you likely have a less sophisticated level of security around your business, making you vulnerable and an easy target.

Your information is more accessible and, therefore, less work for a hacker to obtain. It’s like stealing candy from a baby.

It’s even happened to one of our Lifestyle Tradie members! Hackers gained access to their business email account. Each time, after the business owner sent invoices to clients, the hackers sent follow up emails telling the customer bank details had changed.

Customers paid over $300k into the wrong bank account, and these hackers walked away with a stack of cash! It shows that all a hacker needs to do is access your email account, and they can cause mayhem within your business.

If you think you’re safe from cyber attacks, think again! You don’t get a second chance at this, and telling your clients their information has been compromised could ruin your business reputation in the industry. That’s why it’s vital to take this time and defend your business against cyber attacks.

There is something you can do to protect yourself, your business and your family against these attacks: Download our Cyber Security Guide For Tradies today.

In this guide, you’ll learn;

  • What is cybercrime? And why it’s essential to be able to recognise it.
  • The different types of cybercrime.
  • How to defend your business against possible attacks.

Do yourself a favour and take the next 20 minutes to review your business’s security and ensure that you aren’t an easy target!