Marketing HACK: How To Turn 1 Piece Of Content Into MANY!

It is an absolute mission to continuously come up with new content ideas – a mission that is sometimes deemed impossible when you literally cannot find a spare second to do so.

But if you get creative, it is possible to leverage off the content you have already created to form a number of new content pieces.

This hack means less brain-strain continuously thinking up new content. It also allows your content to reach different audiences who perhaps engage more in some content types (such as video on Facebook) over others (such as an email).

Try revamping old content or maximise the use of the information in old content.

Revamp old content

Have you ever thought about making one of your flat written articles into a video or duplicating an email write-up onto a newsletter?

Revamping old content literally means duplicating the information you have previously used and changing the format in which it is presented. It is so simple; let me give you some examples:

  1. Take the information from a ‘Top Tip’ Facebook post and create a video recording of you giving the tip
  1. Use a Q&A Facebook Post as an informative email push
  1. Get a testimonial post from your newsletter and schedule it as a Facebook post

Maximise the use of the information in old content

If you have more substantial content, such as articles specific to your trade on your website (hopefully you do for credibility and SEO purposes!) then you have hit the jackpot when it comes to this hack.

Get your best articles and pull out all the facts, statistics and useful information! This will leave you with a gold mine of content posting potential.

Let’s say you have a post on pipe relining on your website. Read the post keeping in mind questions such as the following, that will guide your new content ideas;

In this article is there…

  • Any useful information that can be turned into a video tip or tip post?
  • Interesting statistics or facts you can share?
  • Potential to create a Q&A post?
  • Information for an infographic?
  • Key areas that can be summarised and included in a newsletter or email push?
  • Information you could share on a Facebook live video?

AND so on, and so forth. It is a web of endless potential.

If you feel you are time poor, drained of content inspiration or are simply just a savvy business owner on the look out to do things better, then use this hack immediately! What’s there to lose…?

For MORE, on marketing your trade business check out Episode 7 of The Tradie Show: ‘6 Low-cost Marketing Ideas For Trade Based Businesses’.

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