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Social Media Marketing – According to Netflix

Netflix didn’t become the most popular streaming video subscription service by accident. But what has Netflix got to do with us Tradies?

This media services provider has absolutely mastered the use of social media to gain attention for its shows and connect with their fans. And we can all learn a lesson from that.

Along the way, Netflix has pushed the envelope, made some controversial moves, and at the same time, the company’s growth and success has been more than impressive.

So, you may be wondering, what does Netflix do differently? Aside from the fairly obvious factors, such as its having built a useful and popular product, the company has absolutely mastered their marketing. And their investment into social media is a big part of those marketing strategies.

So while us tradies may not be in media, here five things your trade business can learn from Netflix about marketing across social media channels and expanding your brands presence:

1. Even great social media will not save a crappy product.
Of course, marketing approach is one thing; then there’s the actual product. Recently, Digital Trends conducted an in-depth comparison of the streaming service providers and Netflix came out on top, winning in five out of seven categories (price, content library, supported devices, ease of use and video quality). You can’t just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk too.

2. Don’t Be Scared to Show The Real ‘You’
Netflix is a brand that shows you can make connections with an audience using an authentic voice. While some brands have strict policies about interacting with followers on social channels, Netflix takes a different approach and likes to have fun by taking a more casual and playful voice.
Netflix has positioned itself on social media as one of its subscribers’ friends in its posting and retweets, as opposed to being like a brand trying to sell you something. Making Netflix more personable, and not just like every other company trying to sell you something.

3. Listening Is Part Of The Strategy.
Netflix Socks was a project they created back in 2015, when their data showed than many of their users were falling asleep while binge watching one of their shows. So, to reinforce just how innovative, and cool a company it was, they created these smart socks that detected when users fell asleep, which sent a signal to the users TV to pause they show. It also showed how great they were at listening to their customers on social media who posted about falling asleep during shows. Brilliant!

4. Look Beyond The Numbers
Of course, marketing and social media can seem like a numbers game, and all successful brands try to interact with their audience and post regularly.
But in 2018, it takes more than just showing up on these platforms to succeed. Another key takeaway from Netflix’s approach here is its focus on quality over quantity. That means its clever and witty style on posts, how it responds and engages its audience and the quality of its posts.
Netflix is not simply posting to meet a target, a lot of creativity goes into their posts, which are crafted with thorough understanding of the company’s audience.

5. Encourage Sharing Of Your Content.
Another Netflix strategy for social media success is how the company makes it so natural to share its content across social media.

Aside from creating interesting content that lends itself to social sharing, Netflix makes that content easily shareable and encourages people to share it with friends. Helping to insert itself into everyday conversations. People actually really enjoy following them.

The bottom line is that Netflix does a lot of things well, and it did not become the streaming industry leader by chance. It has a rock-solid marketing strategy that prioritises relating to its fans and target demographic.
Trade businesses can learn from these takeaways and similarly engage their own audiences on social media.

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