Reasons to send non-newsletter emails

You might be surprised to know, that email is still on top of the list when it comes to effective marketing channels. It is actually 40 times more effective in retaining customers than social media. It has to be done properly. Your emails aren’t going to get you anywhere, if the content is terrible! There are definitely some interesting ways to engage your customer database, without the use of that boring ‘Monthly Newsletter’.

Give some of these a try:

1. Progress updates

Doing a big new build and it’s coming along nicely? Share it via email with your database. They’ll love this behind-the-scenes look at what you’re working on and what you’re achieving. You can also share clients successes, completed jobs, big wins, and your own trade business successes with your subscribers.

2. Holiday-themed emails

It’s easy to send discounts and newsletters around the big holidays like Christmas and Easter. How about using some smaller, lesser known days, to get the attention of your recipients? National Tradies Day, Ginger Appreciation Day, International Chocolate Appreciation day – there’s hundreds of them! Not only will you give your recipients a bit of a laugh, you’re pretty much guaranteed your competitors won’t be bombarding them on these days too.

3. Worthwhile discounts

Emphasis on the worthwhile part. If you can’t send anything desirable, then to be honest, don’t send anything at all. Five per cent discounts and small giveaways do more to annoy the reader than anything else. Offer up something good, and put a timeframe on it to create a sense of urgency. For example, 48hours only!

4. Content roundups

You’re spending the time to create content for your social media. You presume it will be valuable to your audiences. Is it actually reaching the people who need/want to see it the most? Roundups are easy and helpful, and will get your content more mileage! A round up of your Instagram images, your Facebook and blog posts in one email each week or month with links can go a long way.

5. Advice and resources

You don’t have to give away free products to entice your subscribers to open your emails. Something of perceived value definitely helps. The key is to offer something for free that your target audience will find useful. Hints and tips, maintenance ideas, and how-to videos can all be sent via email.

6. Product and service updates

Got a new feature or service offering? Share it via email. Don’t get into the habit of assuming that people already following your social media pages will be visiting them on the regular, and seeing your posts. You never know what a long-time reader will be most excited about or where there’s room for an upsell.

7. Personal notes

HTML email isn’t always the answer, it can make people feel like just a number. With hundreds of emails being sent every hour, it’s important to make your database feel like a person. It’s an important one at that. Sometimes, a simple text email, is all they need to feel the love.

8. Company milestones

If you’ve managed to build relationships with your email subscribers, they’ll be more than happy to know what’s happening with your trade business. Your successes are their successes and vice versa. Share milestones, achievements, and improvements openly, and you’ll make your followers feel more like friends.

9. Surveys

Everyone wants their voice to be heard. Asking for feedback is a quick way to make your subscribers feel valued and to improve your services or processes. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

Next time you’re sending an email to your database, try and think outside the square. Give your subscribers a reason to stay, and keep that ‘unsubscribe’ button at bay.

What’s next?

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