Why onboarding leads to profit

Why onboarding leads to profit

Do you LOVE your staff but HATE finding new team members?

We get it! Hiring new staff and training them on how you want things done, is such an expensive, time-consuming process with no guarantee it will work out!

As business owners, we’re all running at 200% and chasing our tails, and sometimes seemingly unimportant things like onboarding staff, falls through the cracks. But I’m telling you mate, it’s actually incredibly important to get your onboarding process PERFECT because it leads to PROFIT!

For example, anybody can simply hire a new staff member, throw them in a truck with a branded shirt and toolbox, and say “off you go”…but that doesn’t necessarily lead to long term success.

If that staff member feels overlooked on their first day, or says ‘YES’ to working with you and then gets radio silence for a week… you’ve already put a bad taste in their mouth and potentially they’ve now already got one foot out the door! Now you’ve potentially got to go through the hiring process AGAIN which costs your business time and money… such a waste!!!

That’s why I crafted an onboarding process to ensure my staff are tended to from the second they say “yes” to join my company. For many of my team I’ve had for years, my staff turnover is minimal, and I believe that’s partly because I’ve ensured they’ve had a positive experience with my company right from the start.

This is why onboarding leads to profit…. by setting your staff up for success, it set’s YOU and your business up for success. Keeping your staff happy keeps them motivated and your turnover low, which in turn keeps your training costs down and removes the headache of constantly searching for new tradies.

Here are the three most important things to consider when you onboard new staff.


Once you’ve offered them the job and they’ve said YES, don’t let that be the last time you speak. I always start with a voice message that welcomes them to the team and congratulates them on their new role.


This means you’re not flustered on their first day, and you show how much of a well-oiled machine you are, which makes them feel GOOD about choosing you!


I always have a sit down one on one with them to confirm how excited we are to have them starting with the team. It means they don’t feel like they’ve been thrown in the deep end and they get a chance to meet everyone in a relaxed environment.

To be a successful business owner, it’s the knowledge and application of these seemingly unimportant things that will set you apart from the rest. By taking the time and effort to ensure these basic needs are met, you give yourself the best chance to build an excellent foundation for your team, and therefore your business.

Download my guide to onboarding HERE and start implementing this process into your business TODAY!