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How to Win More Quotes as a Trade Business Owner By Following the Exact 5 Steps (In Order) of ‘The Trust Escalator’…

How many quotes do you provide a day? A week? A month? And what is your average dollar sale?
How many of them do you win? And have you ever wondered why the rate wasn’t higher?
Perhaps it’s as simple as having done something wrong during ‘The Trust Escalator’. Let me explain…

Every person (yes, you are included in this…) follow the same 5 buying decisions when they are looking to make a purchase. The journey for the business helps to build trust and credibility and assists conversion each and every time. The path followed through these 5 buying decisions make up ‘The Trust Escalator’ with the point of the journey to ‘claim ticks’ as you go. The short of it is this; people buy from people they like, so what does this mean for you and your business?

The 5 Buying Decisions are as follows; Business, You, Product/Service, Price and Time. If you and the team understand and implement this well, you could win almost every quote every time… let us take you through the 5 buying decisions of ‘The Trust Escalator’.



Buying Decision 1#: Business
Think about your Avatar and when they decide to arrange ‘insert your trade’ at their property, how do they do that? Do they ask their friends? Go straight to the internet?
So they eventually end up on your website and make a decision if they like you within seconds. If your website loads too slow, is hard to read, is not fresh and professional, you’ve lost them. Forever.
The short of this is: your potential customer is ‘stalking you’ and finding out more about you without you even knowing. Make sure you look professional!
At this point all you are trying to do is encourage them to make contact. If you pass, you claim a tick on the first stage of ‘The Trust Escalator’.

Buying Decision 2#: You
The first contact with your company is critical, and for trade this is more than likely over the phone. It’s time to officially STOP cringing when the phone rings and be excited that it did.
If you haven’t already realised, whom ever answers your phone is THE most important person in your business. They will make or break a potential sale within seconds. It is for this reason why inclination, tone and speed of your voice becomes important, as does having the right script to continue climbing ‘The Trust Escalator’.

This continues once you are on site. There are 18 different aspects that need to be considered here because the customer is judging ‘you’. Literally. Whether that is you that shows up or one of your tradesmen, they personally are being judged with one question; “Do I want to do business with YOU or not?”.
It is now critically important that your entire team understand their responsibility and importance in assisting the customer to continue to climb ‘The Trust Escalator’ through the experience they have with one tradesman; things like showing up on time, putting on their ‘clean boots’, small talk as they enter the property and presentation. There is so much power in the 1% changes to build trust with a customer that help with conversion.
For many trade business owners it is here that they can go horribly wrong and instead of climbing ‘The Trust Escalator’ they take a dip which could cost you the quote.

Buying Decision 3#: Product/Service
If you managed to pass the test on ‘YOU’ then you move on to the next buying decision about product/service. Are you the right person to complete the work we are discussing?
Your professional suggestions, your knowledge, your confidence, the language you use and the visual aids you share will all have an impact on the customer continuing to climb ‘The Trust Escalator’.
They want to know that you are highly capable and hence are asking themselves ‘should I work with them?’.

Buying Decision 4#: Price
We have entered the conversation of Price after having hopefully claimed a ‘tick’ on the buying decision of product/service. The customer needs to understand value and not end up in a discounting conversation.
Your skills in confident communication, without being affected by our pre-conceived ideas of money, need to be strong here.
And where you can, quote onsite. It will only assist with winning more quotes through the simplicity and professionalism of the experience the customer has had with your tradesman. Not to mention ‘strike when the iron is hot’. They are talking about the job now, so why not discuss this now?
What is included in your quote is a completely different conversation around ‘The Quote Flow System’ but you can gain an insight about the process through our ‘Quote Flow System Cheat Sheet’.
Every day you leave the quote outstanding increases the likelihood of them NOT saying yes to you so get it right…
Again, this is all about building trust for the customer and taking you one step closer to winning that quote.

Buying Decision 5#: Time
Time is the last of the 5 buying decisions. You are in position to ask the customer ‘is this a sooner or later thing?’.
Making suggestions of time and day at this point will simply secure the job.
This final stage completes the 5 buying decisions and hopefully has simply increased trust and credibility along the journey.

Nailing this, the 5 buying decisions within ‘The Trust Escalator’, will help win more quotes guaranteed. It’s all about how you and your team of tradesman can build trust and credibility at every stage. Commit to being better.

If you are interested in understanding more about quoting, check out ‘Quote Flow System Cheat Sheet’. CLICK HERE to gain FREE access. This is a PROVEN step-by-step formula on how to quote. When used in conjunction with The Trust Escalator, you’ll be winning quotes left, right, and centre.