Tiny changes = big results

Tiny changes = big results

We’re back baby! Happy 2021, we hope you all had an excellent holiday and a happy new year!

Now with the festivities are behind us, it’s time to reset and revise your business goals for 2021.

We bet you’ve got a huge list of things you want to change or improve within your business, but be honest… how many of them are left over from the last year, or the year before that?!

In order to make real change, it needs to be an easy choice. If the change is too big, you simply won’t stick to it. That’s the majority of New Year’s resolutions fail. We always pick something too big and unrealistic!

At Lifestyle Tradie, we like to educate our members on the Power Of The 1%. What are the tiny 1% changes/improvements you can make to achieve success? These 1%’s will add up.

Let’s look at the example of the humble yet delicious, morning bacon and egg roll. Your New Year’s resolution might be to switch this out for a salad.

It seems like an easy choice, but the first whiff of sizzling bacon we cry “it’s just too hard!”. Then give up and self-justify it with “I just won’t add cheese to it anymore”.

The key is making tiny changes, not big changes

The easy, tiny change is not adding cheese anymore — the 1%. It’s such a small, baby change, that it feels so achievable — and you feel GOOD when you make it! Once you’ve got that tiny change set as a habit, you can make another one— “I’ll add lettuce and tomato”. 

Suddenly, your greasy B&E roll habit, has become slightly healthier. Over time, by continually making these little changes, it may finally become Caesar salad— so close to a real salad!

Slow and steady, always wins the race.

How can you make a tiny change?

A great start is identifying where you have free time — you probably spend one hour+ driving each day right? Instead of absentmindedly listening to the radio, switch to a business training podcast!

This is such a small behaviour change, that it’s a no-brainer. Once you’ve got that tiny change as a habit, add a second… like instead of scrolling through friends Facebook pages in the evening — scroll through your competitor’s business pages to see what they are doing. This small shift went from time-wasting, to a necessary competitor review.

Real change is slow but effective

Big sweeping changes often end in failure, and discourage us from making more in the future. But implementing these tiny changes, the 1% improvements, and continuing to build on them gradually — is the most effective way to make real improvements within your personal and business life.

It’s tempting to make one small mistake and then give up, so having an accountability-buddy helps too. Let others know about your tiny change — this means if you start to slip, someone has your back. If the change feels too hard, maybe it’s too big, and you need to rethink how you can pair it back. 

These tiny changes should feel almost effortless, that’s why they work!

If you keep making tiny baby changes like this throughout the year, you’ll end 2021 with a stronger business, guaranteed. So sit back and think about one small change you can make right now, and GO DO IT!