Andy speaks to Triple MMM Breakfast!

Video killed the radio star? More like Andy did!
Yesterday, Andy interviewed with Triple MMM’s The Big Breakfast show, with hosts Marto and Margaux. Listen to the interview below, where you’ll hear Andy’s story of struggling as a trade business owner, and how he was able to turn it around.

Breakfast Co-host Matro shares his own experience of being a trade business owner with no business experience.

“30 years ago or so when I [Marto] started my own building company… I wish I’d met this guy Andy because I had no idea. We’re all good tradies, but had no idea how to run a business” — Marto, Breakfast Co-host.

This is an experience Marto and Andy share. Like most tradies in business, they were taught how to perfect the tools, but neither were shown how to run a business.

Marto and Andy were left to learn on their own — which in Andy’s case, put him in over $180,000 of debt, facing burnout and a marriage breakdown.

Even Marguax’s brother-in-law has had a similar experience as a plumber, struggling to time-manage, and as a result, constantly having to work late into the night to get everything done.

It’s never too late to turn it around 

The critical takeaway Andy wants others to learn from his experience is: You’re not alone, this is an experience we all share in and we all deserve to get our business right.

Andy explains; “You need to get your business right, you need to set up your business right from the start” to be able to grow successfully.

 To do this, you need to critically evaluate and develop better business practices — and most importantly get your head out of the sand.

Remember, everyone needs support

Put your ego aside, get clarity and invest in you, and your business. Your business deserves support, and you deserve the freedom to choose.

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