Winter Woes to Winter Wins!

Winter Woes to Winter Wins!

For many, this winter has had a particularly sharp bite. It’s been noted to be one of the coldest we’ve had on record…and we’re only HALF way through.

Even in the media, people have been complaining left, right and centre about how poorly Australian homes are designed for the cold. One Professor from the QLD University of Technology called Australian homes “glorified tents” due to their lack of double glazed windows and insulation.

This has prompted many homeowners to reassess their houses “winter preparedness” which means there’s a potential market of customers searching for winter-specific home solutions and improvements.

Tradies LISTEN UP!

For trade businesses who work with the public or strata, such as electricians, plumbers, builders, YOU NAME IT; it’s our time to shine. Use the cold front to your advantage and update your marketing materials to be more targeted to this issue, and therefore more effective.

It’s all about providing helpful information and solutions to anyone affected by this cold snap, and ensuring that your business name stays top of mind!

Our steps to nailing your seasonal marketing

In your marketing materials, speak directly to the issues facing Australian homeowners right now, such as unserviced hot water systems, poor insulation causing higher electricity bills, or the dangers of potential gas leaks from gas heaters. Then provide clear solutions to your target audience, and where possible, additional value.

STEP 1: Clearly define the problem in your advert
“Leaving your hot water system unserviced could cause it to corrode, and potentially burst, causing massive damage to your home or garden.”

STEP 2: Provide the solution
“Call us BUSINESS NAME today and get peace of mind that your hot water system is safe for your family this winter.”

STEP 3: Add value
“We’re rated #1 in the Sydney area for hot water system safety”

Then consider HOW you will target this audience

Once you’ve outlined your message, assess which medium your message should take based on your budget and previous marketing success.

Pushing your campaign across low cost, high ROI platforms such as social media, database emails and text message marketing are great and highly cost-effective mediums to share your message. Check out our blog “SMS Marketing” for a step by step guide to crafting campaigns like this.

If you’ve got a higher budget up your sleeve, consider paid Facebook adverts, printed flyers or buying short-term ad space on a local billboard or radio station. Just be conscious to track your campaign and ensure it’s worth the spend!

In my plumbing business, Dr. DRiP we always hand-deliver flyers five doors up and down from jobs, and hand out fridge magnets. Whilst this sounds old school, it’s highly effective.

Your marketing strategy needs to be fluid, so when issues arise that affect your target market, you want to have the capability to quickly create new marketing assets like the above and push your message out quickly. This is what sets the OK trade businesses apart from the FANTASTIC trade businesses.

If you’d LOVE to be more reactive with your marketing like this but are just not sure where to start…let’s chat! I’ve been running my trade business, Dr. DRiP Plumbing, for over 20 years, so I KNOW the hardships that come with marketing on a budget.

Click HERE to book a Strategy Session with me, and together, we’ll get you on the right track!