11 Ways To Boost Conversion

Here are 11 examples of how you can immediately increase sales conversion

1.  Accept credit cards, cheques & eftpos

One could comment that living in the 20th century dictates the necessity of ‘payment options’ for your customers. An era where the majority of people rely heavily on ‘plastic money’ than the ‘real deal’ in their wallet.

If you are a business that still only accepts cheques and/or cash, then you need to consider providing more options to ensure you are capable of catering to all customers. You really have no idea how much money you are leaving on the table by not providing the expected payment options.

Yes, it is true. You may actually be losing business simply because you do not accept a credit card. Ever think of that?

They do cost a small amount of money to operate (service fees to the bank), however, it is tiny in comparison to money you could be earning.

We suggest you do some research, call the bank and have a chat about the options of credit card facilities within your office, or a mobile option that you can carry in your vehicle. The short story here is that offering credit card and eftpos facilities will positively affect your cash flow.

2.  Active Listening

Active listening involves concentration, attention, comprehension, and demonstrating a real interest in the message. For communication to be successful, both the sender of the message and the receiver need to be alert and attentive. If you want to interact effectively with a person, to influence them – whether that be a customer, a team member, your partner, your child, a friend – you first need to understand them.

So how do you achieve this understanding as the receiver?

Active listening is the term used to describe the art of true listening, incorporating  your entire body – from your body language to your natural conduct. A character that inspires openness and trust.

Active listening is to be empathic, to learn to understanding a person’s unique situation and feelings.

Active listening involves;

  • Know why you are listening.
  • Listen with your whole body.
  • Give feedback and respond to the other person.
  • Show empathy.
  • Encourage the other person.
  • Forget about talking while you are listening.
  • Match your mood to the other person’s mood.
  • Listen to the whole message.
  • Put the other person at ease and then relax yourself.
  • Look for positive points.

Active listening combined with empathy makes it easier to solve problems or at least reach a compromise. You can find out not only what people are saying, but also why they are saying it. You acquire vital information and discover more about what is really going on.

3. Appointment confirmation

This is vital in the service industry and in all honesty, with customers becoming more vocal with their expectations, providing an appointment time is a given.

Or perhaps as a maintenance company, you could provide appointment windows each day as follows:

  • Firm 7am appointment
  • 9am-11am
  • 11am-1pm
  • 1pm-3pm

Explain to your customers that due to the nature of the work, you really have no idea how long each job will take until we are on site.

Then, take this one step further, and this is the deal sealer with regard to conversion – not only should you confirm an appointment window for the day the appointment is booked, but also confirm the appointment on the day by calling 30 minutes prior to arrival so that the customer is 100% aware when you are on your way.

Customers love the fact they are given notice in advance so to prepare for your arrival instead of wondering when the tradesman will arrive at their door.

Ensure this is communicated whilst booking the original appointment.

Your customers will love you for it!

4. Credibility Pack

Would you have a better chance of picking up work as a professional if the person that were to employ you knew a little bit more about you? Had read some glowing words and recommendations from your industry peers? Maybe even saw a picture of you and your team, your vehicles, your work?

What if you were a builder and the prospect had never seen your work. Would professional images of your work assist them to make a decision?

The Credibility Pack is exactly that – a pack put together to serve as an introduction of your business to a targeted sector of business such as a real estate agency, strata company or to a likely prospect (if you were a builder) in the attempt of increasing ones work.

It can be used to attract work in addition to assist with conversion.

5.  Greet prospects & use their name

It seems silly to suggest to greet prospects and use their name, however, it is best to state the obvious than to overlook the basics!

Using the name of the prospect whilst on the phone, Mr.Jones or Sam (if you use their first name remember ask the customer if it is okay to call them Sam), will assist to build a better rapport. It will give the discussion a friendlier feel.

“Thanks for you call Sam”

“I will have that quote to you within the hour Sam”

Ensure to offer your name when you answer the phone too, so that they know who they are speaking with.

6.  High dress standards/uniform  

The way in which you present yourself may not be the only reason why the prospect contacted your business in the first place, it may also be the clincher for why they decided to book your services over a competitor.

If you haven’t had guidelines before with regard to your attire, or if your dress standards for both yourself and your team has slipped, then now may be the time to pull it back in line.

A professional appearance portrays to the customer a high regard for quality and service. It signifies that we respect the business and ourselves, and will provide the customer with the same consideration.

Remember: you only get one chance with a first impression.

Your corporate identity equals your brand, your company personality.  It represents your business ethics, which for us symbolises professionalism.

Professionalism is made up of many things including customer service, punctuality and expertise; however a strong corporate identity is just as important.

Although a potential customer has no idea whether your company will deliver on any of these, the only thing they do know is your company name and the branding associated with it.

If a company takes pride in its identity and keeps its image contemporary and new, it is assumed they will also take pride in their work and customer relationships.

Stop and think for a moment about your overall appearance and the first impressions you give a customer – from how you answer the phone to how you greet them at their home.

Considering the fact that the key to making more money through ‘pride in identity’ is to think and see through the eyes of your customer.

7.  High Office appearance standard         

If you had an office where prospects walked through the door to discuss the possibility of handing over money, do you think that representing the office space in the best light possible would work in your favour?

Or do you think an untidy desk, multiple stained coffee cups and overflowing bins would represent you well?

There is only one answer to that right.

Take advantage of the office space you have, strategically placing in view your company vision and mission statement, display awards you have won and pictures and testimonials of happy customers.

A professional office appearance portrays to the customer a high regard for quality and service. It signifies that you respect the business and yourselves, and will provide the customer with the same consideration.

Stop and think for a moment about your overall appearance and the first impressions you give a customer – from how you answer the phone or what impression they get as they enter your office for the first time.

It is imperative that you think and see through the eyes of your customer.

8.  High vehicle appearance standard

First impressions really do count.

Vehicle appearance, both with professional sign-writing and a clean and presentable vehicle are paramount to communicate a professional business.

Vehicle signage can certainly work in your favour, however, there are a number of aspects to consider.

Here is what instantly comes to mind:

*  A clean white truck

  • great canvas to work with to communicate a clear message
  • reflects a professional business

*  Clear brand communication – Who has time on the road to write down a mobile number

*  Tools & materials stored behind lockable doors

*  Rubbish packed into white bags on back and removed daily

It is interesting to note that when we had two trucks on the road, everyone thought we had four. When we had six trucks on the road, everyone thought we had twelve.

A professional appearance through a clean and tidy vehicle at all times (this includes rubbish on the back that is in full view, in addition to the way stock is stored within the vehicle) portrays to the customer a high regard for quality and service.

9.  Provide a timely response

Timely response can be considered in light of many different areas of business. As an example, a timely response returning emails, returning calls or a timely response providing a written quote, to name but a few.

In short, it is expected of any professional business to provide a timely response with everything and anything in relation to their customers, and if you follow the golden rule of: think and see through the eyes of your customer, you will be well on your way to impressing them with your impeccable service.

No one wants to wait 3 days for a quote to arrive when you said they would have it within 24hours, and if you really want to wow them, send or deliver it to them within 3hours!

A timely response is a given if you want a professional business. Failure to provide this will result in the lose of customers which results in lost profit.

All emails and phone calls are replied to in the same working day, preferably within 2hours, and quotes, we have developed a system to control the follow-up.

10.  Provide ideas & advice    

You are the professional. You’ve studies for 6years (or however long your course took you) to become a licenced tradesman. You have endless knowledge with regard to your chosen field of business.

You know what you are talking about and you understand how to resolve any issues and the customer surmises you do too, but if you don’t offer solutions to your customer, provide ideas and advice, then your customer will firstly lose confidence in your capabilities and secondly will never use your services again.

The customer would be so grateful for your expert advice, they would not only sign the invoice in advance to approve the immediate work, they are thanking you profusely for your time and are happily throwing money in your direction. You have taken control of the situation. The professional who has the experience and expertise and is confident to discuss clearly the options and/or suggest a course of action to resolve the issue at hand.

It is this customer that will happily use your services again. It is this customer that will inform their friends of your business.

Never underestimate the power of your ideas, advice and offered solutions.

11. Smile, Build trust & Rapport

There is only one chance of a first impression.

More often than not for the trades business, the first impression lies with the person that answers the phone or greets a prospect within your office.

Smile when you are on the phone for it can be felt by the caller on the other end. A friendly smiling voice can be the make or break of the prospect becoming a customer. It is this friendly smiling voice that warms your prospect to you as a business, makes them feel comfortable, builds trust and a good rapport.

Basically, you need to show that you are genuinely interested in their issues and that you are available to provide a solution.

It is therefore imperative to give the caller your full attention -not the ‘too busy working under a house, half focused on what you are saying’ conversation that seems all too common for trade.

Don’t think that every prospect that calls your business will take the next step of booking your services. You still have the job of converting them. If the prospect doesn’t feel like you have connected with them, have given them the time of day and that you don’t ‘sound’ like a friendly person, someone they would welcome into their home, then you can forget the idea that they will be willing to hand over money in your direction!

Smiling over the phone or smiling directly at the prospect as they walk through your business door is the number one tip to build trust and a positive rapport with your prospect to assist conversion.

What’s next?

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