Why ‘changing the channel’ will guarantee an increase of leads to your business

“Allows you to train harder, longer and recover faster!”

No, it wasn’t the copy splashed on a billboard in my local gym and it wasn’t the banner displayed with product out the front of a nutritional supplement store.

It was part of the small text on a black & white, low grade, photo copied, unevenly cut flyer stuffed into my letterbox.

There is no doubt it is wise to have multiple channels of marketing, but the clueless person who is advertising their supplement products through letterbox drops has no idea how to reach his target audience. Not unless the letterboxes are owned by a group of young, buffed, gym junkies that live next door to each other.

Instead, he should be placing visual displays or banner ads within the local gyms or placing professional, colour, benefit driven flyers on the dash of every vehicle in the council carpark near the local gyms with a clear ‘call to action’ to encourage someone to shop with this company.

Better still, what about ‘pay per click’ ads on Google so that when people search by keywords, like ‘bodybuilding’ or ‘sport nutrition’, his ad would pop up on the results page. With a website that sells online, the marketing would be far more effective and attract potential clients.

What about your marketing? Are you sabotaging your efforts?

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to use a marketing channel where people are actively looking for your product or service. If not you’re simply throwing money down the drain.
While we are on the subject of channels, another critical, yet somewhat obvious comment to ad. You need to ensure you’re using a marketing channel that ‘speaks’ to your target audience the way they like to be spoken to. For example, a young 20-something is probably more likely to respond to an internet offer, where as an 80year old grandpa would respond well to newspaper advertising.  So if you’re trying to sell new home renovations perhaps don’t invest in the Seniors Magazine. There might not be many takers!

Consider your target market. Do they read the local papers, respond to email marketing, surf the internet or respond to letterbox drops? You’ll have to do some research, then test your best educated guesses.

Track your results and run with the winners…

What’s next?

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