3 Things you can do to stay positive right now

This week, we’ve again changed up the format of our article to you as part of Lifestyle Tradie’s positive and practical response to the curveball called COVID-19. It’s important to us that we’re sharing helpful information to provide direction and focus for trade business owners.

Here’s what you can do:

‘How to crisis-proof your trade business in 2020’ is a webinar for tradies in business who want the exact action steps to create laser-sharp focus and control in these bumpy times. Presented by Andy and Ange, this webinar provides the clarity and motivational pick-me-up you need right now. In case you couldn’t make it or want to rewatch, we’ve uploaded the recording.

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What help can you get from the federal and state governments to get you through COVID-19? We’ve pulled together the measures relevant to trade business owners. ‘Business stimulus snapshot: What it’s in it for you?’ (PDF) captures all the key incentives of which you may have access. This is intended as a guide only. Ask your accountant how you can benefit.

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If the uncertainty is rattling you, there are actions you can take to better navigate the road ahead. This checklist (PDF) is designed to help you double down on 9 specific actions. You can do them immediately to set your business up to get to the other side. Many of us are lacking direction. Take back control of your trade business. Get started today!

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