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Want To Start Up, Scale Up, Or Sell Up?

It’s the best business people who are successful, not the best tradies. You have a choice: start from scratch trying to work things out for yourself through trial and error, or, fast-track your freedom with tried-and-tested strategies you can copy, modify and apply in your own trade business for immediate and long-lasting results. What’s it going to be?

Lifestyle Tradie is an award-winning educational service and community for trade business owners who want to make more profit and fast-track financial freedom. Since 2009, co-founders Andy and Angela Smith have been changing the lives of tradies, Australia and New Zealand-wide.

Lifestyle Tradie membership is designed for trade business owners across all trade industries that want to start up, scale up, or sell up. Whatever stage of the business journey you’re on, our trade-specific membership is about getting your business model right.

Consider these six benefits…

Build a trade business you love (again) that generates more profit and gives you the lifestyle and freedom you want.

Attract the right team members who want to stay with you for the long-term because your systems and processes support them.

Finally get to grips with the technical side of managing and growing your trade business - saving you time and money.

Take out the guesswork by focusing on the exact steps you need to follow to create an unbreakable business model.

Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of our community in our Facebook group, in-person events, masterminds.

Access our library of educational and training resources - how-to and motivational videos, fact sheets, templates, checklists.

What’s inside Lifestyle Tradie Membership?

Access to our resource library

We have a huge library of trade-specific content, presented in an easy-to-use format. You’ll see content under our four core principles; Platform, Profit, Marketing and People. From how-to-training videos, webinars and templates, to checklists, flow charts and presentations.

Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.

‘Ultimate freedom’ done-for-you systems

Lifestyle Tradie members have access to done-for-you systems in the form of concise one-page flowcharts. These flowcharts are designed to provide you with immediate speed to implement, remove errors, and save you time and money.

A flowcharts shows the steps that make up a business process – and represents a way of doing things. This is how you systemise your trade business.

Accountability and ongoing support

When you join, both Gold and Platinum members get a specifically-designed-120-day plan as a roadmap towards nailing your initial goals. As a Platinum member, you’ll get access to Andy’s personal mobile.

Need a sounding board? Call Andy. Experiencing business emergency? Call Andy. Plus, surprise bonus resources for every member.

A thriving, supportive community of peers

Our community is at the heart of the Lifestyle Tradie Membership. Through our in-person member events and masterminds, as well as our active Facebook group, you’ll be supported by like-minded tradies in businesses to celebrate your wins and brainstorm any challenges.

Inside the Lifestyle Tradie Membership, you’ll master your business model

    PLATFORM Tech + Systems  

Foundations dictate the strength of everything. A house built on sand will crumble. If your trade business lacks strength in its foundation, you’ll never break the cycle of chaos and have control.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll cover:

Design your future: Understand where you are today and get clear on where you want to be in the future, it’s time to develop a plan for your life and business.

Advance your technology: Improve your business’s profitability and competitiveness with the right technology. Gain more control, efficiency and productivity while freeing up your time.

Streamline your systems: Set team expectations, improve scalability and boost the value of your business by converting the information stored in your head, into business systems.

    PROFIT Numbers + Quoting  

What’s the point of being a business owner if you’re not making a profit? You may as well go back to working for your old boss. Most trade business owners ‘think’ they understand their finances. Do you know the true figures on how much money you’re making, spending and keeping?

Here’s a sample of what you’ll cover:

Master the fundamentals: Get your finances in check, from profitable pricing structures to setting financial targets.

Know your numbers: Clarify your true financial data in real time for more certainty and control.

Monitor your metrics: Grow your financial intelligence to measure your financial performance, to help hit business targets.

    MARKETING Campaigns + Customer  

Throwing money into a scattergun approach to marketing? Are your marketing efforts turning into conversions? What else should you be doing to help your trade business stand out, for long-term survival in this competitive landscape. It starts with having a plan.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll cover:

Lay the foundations: Learn the core principles of marketing to inform your business’s marketing plan.

Discover online and offline marketing ideas to attract and retain loyal customers.

Exceed customer experience: Increase your average-dollar sales with specific customer experience techniques.

    PEOPLE Transform + Lead  

The quality of your leadership and ability to hire and retain a great team will underpin your trade business’s reputation, stability and customer service experience. Get the essentials to build a loyal and effective team to take your business from an ordinary to an extraordinary one.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll cover:

Strengthen your leadership: Fine-tune your existing leadership skills to guide and inspire those around you.

Leverage for time: Power up your productivity and profit through prioritisation and delegation tactics.

Transform your team: Create a high-performing team with better hiring, onboarding and retention strategies.

Inside the Lifestyle Tradie Membership, you’ll love the community

Member-only live events

When you’re a Lifestyle Tradie member, one of the first things you’ll do is lock in the dates for our live member-only events, Re-Ignite and Re-Unite. These two-day events are designed to be interactive, motivational learning experiences.

At each event, you’ll be wowed by the calibre of presenters. Plus, build a camaraderie with a group of like-minded trade business owners. We have lots of fun together.

Best of all, you’ll come away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next four months with new strategies, goals, clarity and focus.

Facebook private group

Being a trade business owner can be lonely, especially when you’re trying to resolve a problem, choose a tech platform, navigate an issue within your team, or just have someone to lean on when times are tough or celebrate the wins with.

That’s what our private Facebook group is for.

Power Hour online training

Every second month, we present live Power Hour online training sessions on topics relevant to you and your trade business. Recent sessions include a masterclass on job management software, debt collection, team structures, P&L — and much more.

In the live presentation, you’ll get the chance to ask your personal questions. And, if you can’t make it, the recordings are posted on the member’s training portal, My Lifestyle Tradie.


Meet up with fellow Lifestyle Tradie members, your trusted circle of peers, for both in-person and virtual masterminds throughout the year.

In small, intimate groups, you’ll keep each other accountable, challenge ways of thinking, brainstorm new ideas and seek support. Masterminds are an invaluable opportunity to share wisdom and collective knowledge.

What makes Lifestyle Tradie Membership different?


We walk the talk

If you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk, right? Everything we teach has been perfected through trial-and-error in our own trade business. That's why we know it works.


Peer support

One of the biggest drawcards of our membership is the Lifestyle Tradie community. Being a tradie boss can be lonely. Connect and hang out with fellow trade business owners for peer support.


Husband-and-wife team

We're a husband-and-wife team who've created a strong working relationship across our two business, after struggling to find the balance in the early days of entrepreneurship.


We're trade business owners

Like you, we own a trade business. You know those challenges you're facing? We totally get it because we've probably faced them, too. Now, we've got the runs on the board on how to resolve them.


Access to expertise

From our online training library to live, member-only events and masterminds, you'll have access to trade-specific expertise you can apply in your own business to get big results.


We're friendly and down-to-earth

We genuinely want to help you achieve your goals. Andy and Angela, together with the Lifestyle Tradie team, are friendly and down-to-earth. We go the extra mile for our members.

What do I get with my Membership?

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