Is Australia’s Trade Shortage Affecting Your Hiring Process? Us Too.

Its tough out there. You’ve been trying to hire another tradie for your business but have had next to ZERO applications! Well you’re not alone…

It’s something we are hearing more and more from our members (we’ve even experienced it ourselves). “There just isn’t any tradies out there anymore!” And it’s true.

You’ll laugh at my next line….

Back in my day” every Tom, Dick & Harry was entering into a trade apprenticeship after school.

NOW, only around 8% of students in every state are choosing an apprenticeship over a university degree.

So where does this leave us, the Trade Business Owners who are now competing for staff?

It leaves us needing to scrutinise our hiring process, especially our job advertisements! An awesome tradie who is presented with over 100 job offers isn’t going to choose yours if you don’t stand out…

Not sure about how to make yours stand out? Check out our tips below…

TIP #1

Think about WHERE you are posting your job advertisement. You should be posting your job advertisement on every channel possible.

Firstly, there’s the paid options such as Seek, LinkedIn, and Facebook advertisements. The word ‘paid’ might scare you away from using these sites, but when it comes down to it, you are actually losing money by NOT having that extra tradesman working for you. So why not spend a bit of money to reduce that loss?

Then, there’s the free options such as LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Community Boards, Local TAFE’s, and Indeed.

By covering all these sites, you can guarantee that when tradies are performing a job search, your companies name will follow them on every site. Perhaps they will even ‘take it as a sign’ they are meant to apply for the job?

TIP #2

Make your advertisement as CLEAR as possible. Despite wanting every tradie that sees your advertisement to apply, you also don’t want timewasters… those who you would know from your first meeting that they wouldn’t fit in with your business culture and/or want more than what you can offer them!

Clearly outline how much experience they need (1st year apprentice, 3rd year, or even fully qualified?), the skills they require (e.g if you are a plumbing business, do they need to understand relining or not?), and the attitude you’re looking for (team player, good work ethic, commitment, etc.). Tradify’s ‘The Ultimate Guide For Hiring Tradespeople’ lists the exact 7 things you NEED in a job description to make it stand out along with HEAPS of other tips on hiring. CLICK HERE to check it out.

TIP #3

List ALL benefits and bonuses. Be specific

When we advertise jobs for our own plumbing business, we include the following benefits along with a few others…

  • NEW iPad
  • NEW iPhone
  • NEW truck
  • Opportunities for bonuses
  • Free uniform

Why? Because it makes us appealing!

We recently updated all of our trucks, iPhones, and iPads so we are actually NOT LYING when we say this. And we’re not saying you should either (if you don’t deliver on your promises it will leave a bad taste in their mouth), but if you genuinely can offer these things, why not include them as a selling point!

You may also want to consider including a rough salary range (applicable for the type of tradesman you are hiring for). For qualified tradesmen, include a sentence along the lines of “Hourly rate between $XX & $XX dependent on experience”. Or if you are looking for an apprentice, include a sentence such as “Earn ABOVE THE AWARD RATE for an apprentice, up to $XX an hour!”

Some business owners omit this so they can negotiate the hourly rate when the tradesman comes in for an interview BUT by including this, you’re ruling out timewasters (those who want MORE than what you can pay them).

When it comes down to it, you can’t force a tradesman to apply for your job advertisement, but you can influence their decision… you would be silly not to in today’s labour shortage!

At our upcoming Next Level Tradie event, we spend the afternoon sharing EXACTLY how we managed to hire TWO tradesmen within 3 weeks in Australia’s trade shortage… Interested? CLICK HERE to grab your free ticket.