Ever thought about the damage that ‘bad apple’ is doing to your business? And what you MUST do about it.

Do you ever come to work wondering what mood ‘enter name’ will be in today? Tip-toe around them until noon? Left guessing what excuse they will give you when things go wrong?

When YOU are the business owner, why are you the one bending to their excuses and treating them with cotton wool?

His destructive comments have a negative effect on you, imagine what it’s doing to the team around him.

We call these guys a ‘bad apple’.

You know the kind…their normal way of thinking is to believe ‘glass is half empty’. They think the world (and you!) owe them something and that nothing is their fault.

We understand the reason you hired them in the first place was because you were desperate. He was the best of a bad bunch. You started your recruiting late. They might even be a family member (bad move!). Whatever the excuse you give yourself, they might have been good for the business short term, but the damage, even in this short term, is HUGE!

If you’ve ever struggled to create a strong bond between your team members, think that long standing and loyal staff are as rare as unicorns, hell, at times you even might wonder if they like each other, then look no further for a solution to this bad apple.

Like your fruit bowl, one ‘off’ piece of fruit will tarnish the entire bowl. It needs to go to the bin and fast…

Yes, you heard me right. These bad apples need to be removed from your business immediately.

Because ‘Attitude is contagious’.

Their constant negative comments day-in and day-out will eventually take its toll even on the most positive guy. And if you want to build a strong culture where your team have each others back, then forget it.

Not while this bad apple is still around.

Let’s switch gears a sec and talk about what you really want in your trade business.

If you want a business that can work without you, whether that’s a 3 week uninterrupted holiday with the family (and still make profit), or completely get yourself off the tools, then you have one single goal to achieve; to grow strong people around you so that you are replaceable, either for the short term or long.

That bad apple is NOT the type of person you want on your team. Have your heard about the acronym TEAM; Together Everyone Achieves More?
That bad apple is NOT a team player. They are a ME player.

People are your biggest asset…and your biggest liability
The longer you leave them within your business thinking ‘they will get better’, the bigger the hole you are digging to eventually have to get yourself out of.

You simply can’t build a better culture; one that is inspiring, motivating and rewarding for your team; with this guy still around.

Remove them NOW before you lose the good guys you have!

What’s next?

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