Hand up if you fear failure? Layne Beachley has a message for you

Something confronting happened at our Lifestyle Tradie member event at Manly last weekend. When guest speaker, 7-time world surfing champion, Layne Beachley AO, asked everyone to raise their hand up if they fear failure – a sea of hands shot up across the room.

Here was a group of proud trade business owners, willing to be vulnerable and honest. Deep down, most of us feel the same way. We fear we won’t be able to handle a situation, if the worst happens.

The message from Layne was clear: your mindset is the key to achieving your goals. Creating a positive mindset is a challenge for most of us, who feel weighed down by responsibility.

In this article, we highlight how mindset can have a big impact on your ability to overcome your fear of failure and drive your trade business forward by sharing some important lessons from our amazing line-up of speakers at our two-day R&R event.

Samantha Gash

Australian Samantha Gash, the world’s first female and youngest person at the time to complete Racing the Planet Four Deserts Grand Slam in one calendar year, has run over 20,000 kilometres across every continent on the planet and raised over $300,000 for charity.

After finishing her first marathon, and nearly failing in the process, Sam realised endurance was a mindset. Motivated by the experience of pushing her mind and body beyond limits, Samantha looked for her next challenge – unknowingly taking her first step towards rewriting history.

Here’s what Sam taught us: Never, ever give up.

Tricia Velthuizen and Randall Smith

Tricia Velthuizen and Randall Smith are co-founders of Churchill Education, a business they began together in 2006. Walking away from their careers as a police detective and Crown Prosecutor, Tricia and Randall have come a long way in business – and in life.

Notably, they pushed the pause button on their fast-growing business to redefine success for themselves and their family. This means they don’t work in the office on Wednesdays, they coffee together once a week, they prioritise family holidays, and Tricia now picks up the kids school.

Here’s what Tricia and Randall taught us: Bigger is not better

Dave ‘POW’ Tabain

After starting Australia’s first kettlebell gym at the age of 17, while completing an electrical apprenticeship, and later, a 24/7 CrossFit facility, Dave has become a stand out in the saturated fitness market. His 30-Day Challenge Program has transformed thousands of lives.

Dave’s ability to turn his own personal challenges into his biggest successes has taken him from illiterate to best-selling kid’s author. From Leeton in the Riverina region of NSW, Dave is an anti-bullying advocate and is on a mission to turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Here’s what Dave taught us: You can be a victor over your circumstance.

You are the number one asset to your trade business.

Without you, it wouldn’t exist. If your batteries are running on empty, this can wreak havoc with your health and mindset. What steps are you going to take to recharge and reset your health and mindset?