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How to Make The Hiring Process Pain Free …

So your trade business is growing (good for you!) and you’ve reached the point of having to hire additional members for your team.

This period in your trade business can unfortunately be pretty painful… but it doesn’t have to be if you know what you’re doing. Let me share what I mean
Firstly, you need to make sure your decision to hire is the RIGHT one. We discussed this in a previous article, check it out HERE.

Secondly, there are some common errors that trade businesses make when hiring their first employees that you need to avoid.

Follow these Hiring Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your hiring process is both successful and pain free:

  1. Don’t: Hire before you know what you’re hiring for.

Don’t be too hasty! Take your time to develop clear, and thorough job descriptions. These should be focused on what outcomes you need, rather that what tasks are required.

Do this BEFORE you start the interview process, and this will ensure that the skills of the new employee will properly match their responsibilities.

  1. Don’t: ‘Create Your Own’ salary package.

Once you have a good job description, take the time to research the right salary range. Salary information can be obtained from other job postings, the Fair Work Australia website, or simply ask other tradies what their going rate is.

Learn what the job title you’re hiring for is commanding in terms of salary (and if you can afford this) BEFORE posting your ‘wanted’ advertisement.

  1. Don’t: Over complicate Job Titles.

It may seem that you’re sweetening the offer of employment by giving your new office staff a job title of “customer service manager”. But, complicating job titles will only increase their salary expectations.

Ever heard of the phrase K.I.S.S? Keep it simple stupid? This is one situation where this saying needs to be followed. Overcomplicating a job title really doesn’t benefit anyone.

  1. Do: Remember that the new team member is starting on XX day/date.

I can hear you snicker… but tell me a tradie who hasn’t heard of a story where day one rolls around, new tradie arrives to the office to hear the employer reply ‘Oh… you. Right, wasn’t expecting you till next week!. That’s okay. Put on this shirt and head out with Jimmy for the day”.

There’s not a lot love or importance shown to the new tradesman and they may be questioning if they made the right decision.
Make it a matter of importance that you are ready for your new recruit day one with uniforms, ipad, phone etc and a chance to meet the team.

  1. Do: Perform a Proper Induction into the Business.

When a new hire starts, you need to be there for them in their first few weeks. Make sure they’re your priority and train them properly.

This way, they will not only feel valued and more comfortable in a foreign environment, but they are also more likely to form relationships and stay longer. We teach our Lifestyle Tradie members ‘The Tradie Team Transformer’, a 4 step process of how to increase the length of their employment (hence loyalty) and hence how to do this right.

  1. Do: Provide contracts and your latest Employment Handbook

Don’t think that starting a new team member is a hand-shake deal. You need to be clear around the expectations you and the business have on this position. This is communicated through contracts and an Employment Handbook.

Do it right the first time. First and foremost there will be no blurred lines. Everyone knows where each other stand. You will be comfortable knowing you are doing things right by the law and your new team member will be impressed you are so professional and have their interests at heart.

Getting to the stage of your trade business where you need to hire new staff can be exciting times. Take the time to approach hiring with a strategic eye, ensuring that the team members you hire today will facilitate further growth tomorrow. A rushed decision can be a costly mistake.

We discuss hiring for your trade business further in Episode 9 of The Tradie Show. Check it out for free here….