Shout Out To The Tradie Lady

Women in the Trade and Construction fields are now more common than ever. BUT, they’re still the minority! According to the latest data, around 28% of tradies in Australia are women.
So why are the stats like this? Why is there not more women in trades?
It’s due to stereotypes!

And whilst yes, for women it can be a challenging field due to these stereotypes, there is also a lot of potential.
Some attributes of women and how they function, especially in the context of how they attribute to leadership skills and abilities, is why women are able to excel in this domain (once they take the leap to join the industry).
Here are a look at some of these attributes:

1. Intuition 
Women are typically known to have a strong instinct or “gut feeling.” We often use this to forecast or anticipate certain situations, and the more years of experience we have, the better the intuition. Women can employ this in aspects of trade business such as risk management, which is critical to success.

2. Persistence
By nature, who can deny that? Women are generally not good at taking “no” for an answer, and are experts at multiple attempts at trying to get what we want. Consequently, women leading projects, pass on to their team the quality of not giving up, and tackling challenges as they come up efficiently.

3. Multitasking
We have proved through the ages that we can have a conversation, send an email and take a call all at once! It doesn’t mean that it’s right, but the essence of project management especially, large-scale, complex projects, require the management of many different streams of work, and different team members, managing of risk, ensuring time/budget and scope are met.

4. Vulnerability
This does not mean weakness; it means the ability to be authentic and open, to listening and understanding of surroundings, to different conditions and to assessing challenges or risks. Women are well known for their ability to reach down to a part of them that is creative and can bring new, innovative ideas, just because of their open minds and hearts.

5. Detail Orientation 
Consider our wardrobes as a simple example, women put the effort in the simple things. It’s not about dressing to go to a party, but about the overall presentability. Paying attention to details is important in trade business, especially when you’re building something from a drawing on a piece of paper and turning small ideas into big projects. Detail is critical to complete and successful delivery.

6. Attentiveness
We tune to what’s going on around us, all the time. Whether it was the project and the details, or the teams that we work with. Women are always “switched on.” We ensure that harmony is maintained because we keep our minds and hearts engaged in what we’re doing. Our teams know we care for them, and are loyal because of this, and our management knows that we are committed to them, and they appreciate that.

7. Relationship Management
There are different viewpoints associated with this, but the bottom line is women tend to exhibit a high level of diplomacy, and often, social and emotional intelligence and tact that allows for management of different stakeholders efficiently. We know what we need and how to manage relationships to achieve those professional goals. With that being said, we are able to be firm and tough, the same way we are able to lenient and flexible.

To all tradies… it’s time to encourage more women to join the trade industry! We’ll be better for it!

To all tradie women past, present & future… inspire, lead and make a difference!

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