Tradies, here’s 3 ways to stay mentally healthy

Who knew this is where we’d be 12 months ago? As tradies in business, we’re mostly a resilient bunch by nature. The reality is, we’re not superheroes. We’ve all had to cop more than we bargained for this year — new rules, limitations and changes — and it’s sapping our energy. Despite all the doom and gloom, staying positive is possible.

Tradie, here’s what you can do to handle the unknown and feel optimistic about the future.

1. Control the controllables

Most people are creatures of habit.

We’re stuck in an unfamiliar situation, with no definitive end point. There are many things we can’t control — and when control is taken away from us, it impacts on our wellbeing. While we can’t control our feelings and thoughts, we’re not completely powerless. You can’t control everything that’s happening in the world. You can control your attitude towards these things.

From a practical point of view, some of the things you can control can be as simple as your daily and night routine, what you eat, what you wear, exercising regularly, how you treat the people around you, and how you’ll respond under pressure. The controllables can be big, small, mundane or extraordinary. Start by making a plan and write a list of what you can control.

2. Keep things in perspective

Perspective is the ability to view things in terms of their true and relative importance. Rather than fixate on the worst-case scenarios and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, shift your focus to the present—and keep a healthy mental perspective. This too shall pass.

What can we do to keep things in perspective? Aim to reframe any negative thoughts. For example, you could think of the experience as a unique moment in history you get to be a part of, and look for ways to make the most of the experience.

Remember, out of crisis comes opportunity. We’ve got to hang in there.

3. Enjoy uplifting activities

During COVID, make a conscious effort to participate in activities you enjoy — or activities that’ll take your mind off the things you’re feeling weighed down by. You could try:

  • Reading a book
  • Listening to a podcast
  • Trying a new hobby or skill
  • Starting an online course
  • Watching funny videos, like this one:

While watching a funny video can be helpful in staying positive, this year’s R U OKAY? DAY, on Thursday, 10 September 2020, is an important reminder for us all to prioritise your own mental wellbeing and the mental wellbeing of your team.

Being a tradie in business can feel isolating. Having an honest conversation with someone who understands can help. If this sounds like you, Book a GAME PLAN CALL with Andy.