You’ll get stuck in the mud without systems

Break the cycle of chaos with systems

The subject of systemising your trade business is dull, right? The problem is, this perspective is a little shortsighted. Don’t be “that guy (or girl)” — the one that knocks business systems, but is too proud to admit you’re drowning in the chaos. The only way to break the crazy cycle is systems.

What happens, when … ?

What happens when you have a day off sick?

What happens when you want a week holiday?

Can your business make money without you?

How do you feel just thinking about it?

Systemising your trade business has many benefits, from productivity to profitability. So, why aren’t more trade business owners implementing systems? Systems are a bit of a head screw, and they do take time. Without this investment of time, you’ll stay on the treadmill of chaos forever. In The Freedom Formula below, you can see how everything fits together.

Systems: Systems represent your way of doing things, with a step-by-step process to follow.

Accessibility: Your systems should be accessible to your team in a cloud-based location.

Accountability: Every team member is accountable for following specific systems.

Training: With training, your team will be clear on responsibilities and expectations.

Big wins with systems

For many of our Lifestyle Tradie members, systemisation is one of the main drivers to join the program. In terms of results, the biggest wins come only occur when business systems and structures are in place:

“Without systems, we wouldn’t be able to scale and have control. We’d be running around like headless chooks in chaos.

Systems have given us the freedom to focus on the big picture, without spending time on the small nitty-gritty things. Systems have allowed me to achieve a high-performance business.

My team is like the Navy SEALS – highly trained and capable. They love systems because they feel like they’ve got control. Without systems, I wouldn’t have a business – I’d have a job. I wouldn’t be an entrepreneur. I’d just be a worker.”

– Simon Mucha, Same Day Trades, Adelaide and Perth, Australia

What’s next?

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