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Have you read our book, Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up? If you’re looking for new ideas to get out of that rut, fed up with your underperforming team, worn out from chasing debt, and stuck in a cycle of chaos, then this page-turner could be the perfect start to help you turn it all around – and ultimately, fast-track your freedom. Get proven trade-specific strategies you can implement in your trade business to smash your results.

If there’s anything we’ve all learned from the COVID crisis this year, it’s you have to roll with the punches. We’re living through an unprecedented pandemic with no playbook. In this live online interview session with Andy, you’ll hear from fellow Lifestyle Tradie members, New Zealand’s Carly and Hayden Butler, from Butler Electrical, who endured an alert level 4 lockdown earlier this year with some tips on how to thrive.

Have you heard Andy and Ange’s story of hitting rock bottom and hitting back to transform their trade business into a thriving, systemised enterprise? In this episode of Tim Reid’s popular podcast, Small Business, Big Marketing, Lifestyle Tradie’s co-founders get real about making tough decisions and pulling through together to get clarity and control on the other side of all the chaos.