Often distracted? Perhaps you have ‘Distraction Syndrome’….

On average how would you best describe your stress levels and ability to stay focused on the job and in your personal life? Do you find that you are struggling and feel overwhelmed?

Don’t feel ashamed as studies are now showing that so many people like you are finding it hard to stay focused, but why?

Maybe you will see where you’re going wrong when reading the following “distraction syndromes”?

1. Screen sucking: The tendency to lose control over our technology to the point where we feel like we need it with us all the time. Without it you start to go crazy because of the withdrawal… it feels like an addiction.


2. Multitasking: Always taking on more tasks on top of all your tasks you already have going on and you have no willpower to say “no” to anyone, having a problem with being a perfectionist.


3. Idea hopping: Finding it hard to always stick to an idea till you have completed it because you start to get distracted and lose interest in it, that is usually a problem with someone that has no good structure in place to get his or her work done.


4. Worrying: Wasting too much of our time worrying about everything instead of spending time working and finishing our tasks.


5. Playing the hero: When you’re always fixing someone else’s problems but your own and putting everyone’s needs above yours because you feel like you have too and guilt.


6. Dropping the ball: Being unable to get organised. Misplacing items or forgetting things you need to do, ultimately resulting in disappointment.


Distractions take your attention away from tasks that you are suppose to be doing. There are only so many hours in a day, you should always try and stay focused. It may be easier if you prioritise your work. Do one task at a time and take breaks to help you refocus. Even a walk around the block will help clear your mind! So that said, are you still struggling with the many distractions that surround you?


Here are 6 tips to help you fight distractions:

1. Find your peak of the day – Find the time of day that you find yourself most productive and keep it distraction-free; it will help you maximise your time.


2. Challenge yourself – If you are bored, you will have no motivation to do your work. So find ways to push yourself and keep your motivation up.


3. Take short breaks – Always make sure you take a minute or two break to help you refocus your mind and to let your brain relax.


4. Start a done list – Throughout the day, complete a ‘Done List’ based on the tasks have completed you can see how efficient you are working and what you can improve on that way.


5. Try the ‘under 10 minute rule” – If a task can be completed in 10 minutes or less take care of it right away instead of pushing off small tasks.
This will make you super productive!


6. Be nice – If you are too hard on yourself, you’ll push yourself into deeper procrastination. Stop beating yourself up about putting things off and just start.


If you STILL find distractions getting the better of you after trying these Top 6 Tips… there might be a deeper reason behind the actual ‘WHY’ you are getting distracted and procrastinating. Check out our article on how to recognise this ‘why’ and overcome it HERE.