Goal setting shouldn’t be a lonely road

So you’ve probably completed your business and personal goal setting for the year by now.

Or maybe you’re just about to plan for the upcoming new financial year?

Either way, when you set your goals, you probably dreamt big, listed what you wanted to accomplish, and visualised where you wanted to be.

But, did you take a few moments (at least) to reflect on the year that just ended and the business and personal goals you set for yourself then?

It can be a cathartic experience, and one that will help you to start the new planning year with a clean slate and with a heightened perspective.
Ideally, complete this reflection with your partner, spouse, or business partner.

Having someone else sit in on the conversation is a great way to show your support for each other, and say all the things you wouldn’t normally say in your day-to-day conversations. It also allows you to get validation about your goals and recognition for what you’ve already accomplished!

Pin that person down and use these questions to guide the conversation:

1. What did you accomplish last year that you feel really proud of?

This doesn’t have to be completely work related. Your accomplishments could be health related, community focused, career, friends, finances, whatever.

Pick the top 3, and then both of you give praise to each other for what you have achieved.

Starting on a positive note with your accomplishments will get the open conversation and motivation flowing.

2. Where did you fall short last year?

Once again only pick 3. Don’t give into the temptation to create a long list. You don’t want to get caught up focusing on what you ‘didn’t do’.

This is where discussing with a partner is great. In some instances, we tend to be critical towards ourselves. Getting ‘down’ about things that in the big picture, are insignificant. Your partner will probably have a much more positive view of your failings than you do.

On the other hand, we may also brush our failings off as insignificant to avoid taking responsibility. This is where your partner should be open and honest in the conversation in order to provide a much clearer perspective on the situation!

3. What opportunities do you see for this year?

The answers to the first two questions should give you a better idea of what your goals should be for the current year.

Something you felt disappointed about and want to try to do better, or something you’re really passionate about and see an opportunity for.

Talk it out with your partner, and start setting up goals for the coming year.

4. What might get in your way this year?

Now that you’ve looked at the opportunities you want to pursue, it’s also important to look at the things that could potentially set you back from fulfilling those goals, and how you can attempt to overcome these hurdles.

For example, one thing that may set you back is lack of time. So what can you implement in your day that may gain back some of your time? This could be… checking your phone less, waking up a little earlier, automating or delegating tasks, and the list goes on.

We show you how you can gain back one hour in your day using our Stop. Keep. Start. Activity.

Reaching goals is never easy, but, making plans for how you might get around those things that will get in your way will definitely give you a better chance of getting there. Need some extra help reaching those goals? Or simply need helping creating goals?