Ensuring Holidays Are For Holidays… Not For Work…

Are you glued to your phone to keep an eye on office chats even on holidays? Do you switch off your phone once you’re home?

If you’re one to be constantly connected, you’re not alone. Most trade business owners are!

As a business owner, we believe that the business won’t run properly unless you’re there. And technology is helping us in our bad habit!

Being constantly connected through modern technology, we are always checking in on work even in our spare time or on holidays. We’re becoming an ‘always present’ generation of business owners.

In fact, a recent study* says that two-thirds of business leaders check their work
emails while on a holiday:

– 65% Check their work emails at some point while on holiday

– 75% took or made a work call while on leave.

– Over 81% senior leadership teams check their emails on holiday.

On the flip side to this though:

– 96% of bosses actually don’t expect their staff to check emails when they’re on holiday

– 64% actively try to encourage staff to switch off completely from work.

Some business owners (maybe this is you) find that they’re more relaxed in their spare time knowing everything is ok back at work, and being disconnected actually stresses them out!

But in reality, people NEED holidays, so they can return refreshed and invigorated.

AND, what about the actual affect is has on yourself and your family? You might not have looked up from your phone long enough to realise, but they’re the ones who want to spend QUALITY time with you whilst on holiday!

The Hazards Of Constant Connection

1. Mental Health
Your Mental Health, as well as your partners can be effected by this constant connection. Your health, wellbeing    and relationship satisfaction is all effected by not being ‘present’.
There needs to be a balance.
You must be able to ‘switch off’ physically and mentally and be present in your non work life.

2. Productivity

Most people tend to be in a social or family mood when they’re out of office, hence, it can take longer to get into a work mindset when not at work, and actual productivity is poor.

3. Fatigue

Mental and physical fatigue is always a factor in after hours productivity. A person who responds to an email at 6:00pm may be more productive than a person who responds at 11:00 pm. Plus, the more a person works after hours, the less productive they will be during regular work hours because they’re just too tired!

4. Anti-Social Effects

Constantly checking your phone for messages and emails, means that you’re not present in the moment. After work is for family and socialising. Checking your phone is and inward and personal behaviour, not a social one. When you stop what you’re doing to check an email, you’re making that a priority, not the people who are right there.

Creating Balance And Harmony
– Put your emails on auto-responder while on holidays

– Set an example for your staff by encouraging a work-life balance. For example, you could dictate rules for yourself and your staff, that no emails or phone calls are to be responded to between the hours of 6pm and 8am. Follow this yourself.

– Have ‘phone/device’ down time. Where no one in your presence, wife, kids, partner is allowed to be on a device for a certain amount of time.

Not only can you follow these tips to creating balance and harmony in yours & your teams work/personal life… but taking steps to SYSTEMISE your business, will ensure that you can RELAX on holidays knowing that your business will still run like a well-oiled machine without you!

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* Study by UK-based The Institute of Leadership & Management released on August 13.