Multitasking Is NOT Your Solution To Managing Many Priorities: Here’s ‘Why’ & ‘What’ You Should Do Instead

‘Multitasking’ … it’s perceived as a core skill required to fulfil any job description, a strength listed by most prospective employees in an interview, and an ability that appears necessary for any tradie wanting to survive the inherit conflicting priorities that come with business ownership.


Call me crazy, but to me, the idea of ‘multitasking’ in order to get everything done sounds like nothing but a recipe for disaster. Sure you get MORE done in LESS time, BUT a split focus only increases the chances of;

  • Errors (potentially costly!)
  • Forgotten tasks or steps in tasks
  • General forgetfulness – “Hmmm, I THINK I did it…”


All of which ends up costing you more time and money! Although this may not be of concern to your when it comes to fulfilling minor duties, these are not risks that should be taken when it comes to your business.


So, what’s your solution? If you can’t multitask, how else can you manage your priorities? Here are some tips;


Permanently Schedule Non-negotiables: First and foremost, look at a calendar of your week and shade out areas for the non-negotiables. These are the repetitive tasks that MUST be done every day/week/fortnight (e.g employee wages). These are priorities so they need a designated time.


Delegate: If you seriously don’t have enough time to get everything done, then perhaps it’s time to look at relieving yourself of some of your tasks. CLICK HERE to watch Episode 11 of The Tradie Show, ‘The Tradies Guide To Outsourcing Admin Tasks’ to discover how you can easily delegate to professionals from all over the globe.


Plan for Interruptions: Whilst this may sound counter-intuitive to prioritising your tasks, it actually allows for a more realistic idea of how your day will pan out. The average worker loses approximately 2 hours per day due to interruptions, whether that be grabbing a cup of water or going to the loo, it all adds up. Plan to achieve 6 hours of work in an 8 hour work day. This way, you’ll be able to prioritise 6 hours worth of work and avoid disappointment at the end of the day if not everything you planned to get done is done!


Don’t Let Your Inbox Rule You: I’m sure you’ve heard this before but we’ll mention it again for good measure. Let’s say you get 30 emails a day. Each time one comes in you check it and spend 5 minutes reading and replying to them. That’s 5 minutes worth of distraction, 30 times a day! Set times throughout the day, perhaps 11am & 3pm, and only read and reply to emails at these times. Email distractions gone!


Trying to get your brain to focus on one thing at a time might sound hard, but will result in you completing MORE tasks in LESS time and at a higher quality. So what are you waiting for? Time to get to work.


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