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Tradies and Technology: 3 Techy Tools You Can’t Go Past

Tech trends are changing faster than ever and at times it hard to keep up, but every now and then comes a gem that has the potential to massively impact trade businesses.

If you’re a trade business owner or a tradie just coming up through the ranks now, it is the perfect time to get on top of some of these trends to help take the business into some new and exciting spaces. Here’s our take on some of the tech trends to watch out for and how you can get a jump on the rest…


Once just a toy for man sized kids with too much money and too much time, Drones are now pretty mainstream.

Drones are now being used around the world for tasks such as site mapping, surveying, crop inspection across vineyards, farms and forests and infrastructure inspection (wind turbines, pylons, transmission wires), wildlife and ecosystem monitoring, and search and rescue.

The most obvious sectors getting to grips with Drones are electricians and arborists, but they definitely have a place with most trades. Imagine being able to showcase a new home you’ve just built or landscaped, or tiled, or painted with an amazing video from above and around. Awesome!

Now is definitely the time to start getting your head around Drones and how they might help your business.

Note: If you do plan to start using one for your business, there are rules and licenses required, so check in with Casr here:

CASR 101 UAV Drone: Are you flying Legally or Illegal

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is going to have a massive impact on the trades industry over the next 5 years. We are already starting to see VR used in on the job planning, education and health and safety and this trend is set to continue.

For builders and homeowners, renovation concept designs will be completed as “walkthroughs” rather than 3D plans so homeowners (and Builders providing estimates) can get a real sense of a design, and spot any issues well before detailed design or construction begins.

VR will also begin to play and extensive role in training and compliance as users are put through their paces in real work scenarios in digital environments.

3D printing

The applications of 3D printers in the trades are obvious. Imagine printing parts or specialist tools onsite, on demand.

Up until recently, the limitation has been the strength and conductive nature of the composites but that’s now starting to change and people are using 3D printers to produce effective electrical components including a resistor, inductor, capacitor and an integrated inductor-capacitor.

In addition to electrical components researchers are perfecting 3D printers that print in concrete with the hope of reducing the manufacture of complex concrete shapes and structures from months to days.

Technology is the way of the future, so it’s time to get on board.

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