If you’re waiting for a reason to automate your trade business, this is it

It’s the digital age, and most trade businesses are turning their paper-based processes into a digitalised workflow. Are you joining them?

There are many benefits to trade business automation, including saving time and reducing the potential for errors. This enables trade businesses to work more productively, freeing up time for innovation, and allowing you to compete more effectively.

Need more convincing that automation is the way of the future?

Check out our top 5 benefits:

1. Save time

Automating tasks in your business (even the little ones) will save you  heaps of time!

As an example, through the use of our job management system, we have managed to save our tradesmen and admin staff literally HOURS out of each day simply by utilising automations such as text confirmations, emails with invoices, and much more.

Two minutes saved here and there adds up!

And, when your staff are less focused on ‘fiddly’ administrative tasks such as these, and more focused on projects and, your trade business benefits from their effort and brainpower.

2. Reduce errors

When people have to manually complete task, you run the risk of them making a mistake, whether that’s a typo, completing the task wrong, or other.

Smart software and automated workflows reduce the risk of these errors creeping in. For example, rather than having our admin staff and tradesmen manually send invoices and type out the email that goes with the invoice, it is sent with the click of a button with an accompanying template. Which we know is correct and free from typo’s!

3. Leverage discounts

More often than not, bills from suppliers (e.g electricity provider) state “you ower $X amount if paid before Y date and $XXX amount if you pay after Y date.”

Automate these payments by giving your supplier the authority to charge your account on the due date, meaning you’re saving cash AND the bill is taken care of without taking up your time!

4. Track information

Automated workflows allow for easy reporting and tracking, giving you important insights into your business’ health in an instant.

This can be done through your cloud accounting software and job management system, which allow you to pull out your profit & loss statement, glance at your cash flow report, and look at outstanding payments.

5. Work efficiently

Automated workflows mean people are notified when they need to step into a process. For example, we automate notifications through the use of a project management system like Asana and Teamwork. By listing all tasks in here along with a due date our admin and tradies are notified when they need to complete tasks.

Nothing gets overlooked or forgotten!

Research has shown that highly automated companies are six times more likely to see revenue growth of more than 15 per cent compared to companies with low automation.

Trade businesses that haven’t yet started to automate processes can start small, and see the results before rolling out automation across the whole business. Workflow automation should be considered a high priority for any trade business looking to compete more effectively now and into the future.

Interested in learning about the workflow automations we have implemented into our own trade business?

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