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The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business

The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business is a podcast for tradies in business. Your hosts, Andy and Angela Smith, are award-winning trade business educators, fellow trade business owners and co-founders of Lifestyle Tradie. The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business is educational, entertaining, even controversial. It’s about having conversations on topics that matter to tradies who want to be better at business.

Tune in if you’re a plumber, electrician, builder, painter, landscaper, glazier, air conditioning technician (plus many more). Tradie wives and partners will also relate and benefit from hearing the expert tips, step-by-step trade business strategies, insights and the occasional rant! Whether you’re in the car or catching up on admin, you’ll love listening to The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business

“I want a pay rise!” How to use KPI data to measure performance

In this episode, Andy and Angela break down why Key Performance Indicators {KPI’s} are critical staff management tools and how they allow you to make decisions based on fact, not your gut.

How to turn over 1 million dollars in under three years!

In this episode, Andy & Angela are joined by Lifestyle Tradie Member and owner of Lexity Plumbing & Electrical, Kieren O’Brien, who has taken his dual trade business based in Melbourne from a start up to success.

How to succeed as a leader in uncertain times. Guest-starring Ninja Warrior & Business Mentor, Dr. Espen

In this episode, Andy and Angela are joined by Australian Ninja Warrior and business mentor, Dr. Espen. He joins the show to share his harrowing journey after an accident almost took his life, and shares how he changed his mindset and lifestyle to pull through this tough time and become stronger from the experience.

It’s hard yakka owning a trade business

In this episode, Andy & Angela are joined by Jodie & Dan, Lifestyle Tradie Members and owners of Green Planet Plumbing. The four chat about the highs and lows of owning a trade business.

Your body is your most valuable asset

In this episode, Andy & Angela are joined by the EDITOR of Men’s Health Magazine, Scott Henderson. He’s got some helpful health & fitness tips on how we as tradies can make better choices!

Selling up isn’t selling out — Guest-starring Alex Henderson

Andy & Angela are joined by Lifestyle Tradie business coach Alex, to chat about his experience of selling his trade business “Captain Cabinets” and how he came to teach others how to run their business.

Why systemising your business is the KEY to success — Dan Pollard

In this episode, Andy is joined by an old friend, Dan Pollard, founder of Fergus job Management Software. The duo chat about the importance of systems and their experiences as business owners.

Why not ALL customers are good for business 11th

In this episode, Andy & Angela break down a common myth in business: any customer is a good customer. Listen up to find out HOW you can generate more profit with the RIGHT customers!

Mindset of a champion — Guest-starring Kerri Potharst 18th

In this episode, Andy & Angela are joined by a good friend, Channel 7 SAS Champion AND Olympic Gold Medalist, Kerri Pottharst. She’s here to inspire us to hit our goals, maintain focus and love what we do.


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