FREE Downloadable ‘Weekly Planner’ to stay focused and get MORE shit done in a day…

If you’re anything like me and want to simply ‘get shit done’ in a day, then who am I to stand in your way… in fact, instead, I’m going to help you with this FREE DOWNLOADABLE Weekly Planner.

Like I mentioned, I decided I needed to change my FOCUS each day. Each hour.

Now I’m talking REALLY change it.

I started by agreeing on a theme each day. Finance was Tuesday. Marketing and was Wednesday and Admin was Thursday.

Then I chunked it down even further like this;

9-10am is website improvements and check Analytics,
10:30am – 11;30am is calls to the local schools and
12:30 – 1:30pm is testimonials – sending emails to customers and thank you responses.

Then I designed a WEEKLY PLANNER that I write all over to help me stay on track.

NO MORE long ‘to do list’. HELLO ‘stay focused and get shit done’.

This is what it looks like.
And below is how I fill it out at the beginning of every week.

A couple of things that just might help:
* I leave gaps on purpose.
* I get up off my chair and MOVE between each task.
* I stay focused when I am in my chair and work ONLY on the task I have set myself.
* I am realistic with the time I allocate the task.

Hope this helps you… it helped me immensely!

Click Here To Download a pdf version of the Weekly Planner

P.s. I wrote about this in more detail with the article ‘Allocate 96 Days a Year To Grow Your Business‘. You might be interested to have a read.

P.s. That link again – Click Here To Download a pdf version of the Weekly Planner