Do you want to gain more leads and retain more customers in your trade business? So, where do you start? In the below training, Angela explains ‘The A.C.D.R Formula’TM. Marketing isn’t JUST about finding the right leads; the entire marketing formula needs to be considered with the end goal of retaining great customer’s long term.

In this ‘Tactical Marketing for Tradies’ training we will share;

  1. ‘The A.C.D.R Formula’TM and how this is affecting marketing in your trade business if you don’t consider all stages in the right order.
  2. 120 different marketing ideas that fall within ‘The A.C.D.R Formula’TM, so you can’t go wrong.
  3. We review the marketing activities you’re doing now, and what you can START doing to improve your marketing efforts.

Download the worksheet below to follow along and make sure your marketing is working hard for your trade business.

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