Take A Break and Boost Your Business

Holiday – what holiday? Many tradies are guilty of not taking an annual breakor any break. Did you know: your business could be worse off because of it.

“Not taking enough time off can prove extremely harmful to the owner, their family and their business,” warns Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health.

“Even if a business owner takes a holiday, rarely will it be for two weeks. And while they’re away, many of them will have their smartphone, tablet or laptop nearby, so they end up regularly checking for emails.” 

Is this you?

Don’t feel like you deserve a break?

Ironically, as small business owners, we are the ones who deserve a break the most. Many of us work significantly longer hours than others and shoulder huge responsibility and pressure

Can’t take a break? Naturally there are concerns about protecting your livelihood and everything you’ve invested into your business – especially when some can not afford a break nor have someone to cover for them.

The thing isthe success of your business depends on it.

To gain MORE from your business you NEED to take a breakhere’s 7 reasons why you need to take a break to BOOST your small Business: 

1. Your health

Research suggests that people who take holidays return feeling healthier and psychologically more robust. Remember: without your good health you are nothing! 
Make this your priority.

2. Your family

Running a small business often means not seeing loved ones as much as we’d like. Taking a break enables us to re-engage with them, otherwise marriages and family life can suffer enormously. Investing in relationships is just as important as investing in your own health.

3. Your Focus

People who return from holiday refreshed, re-energised and refocused usually feel better able to cope with the challenges of small business. There’s profound evidence that if you work extremely long hours over a sustained period you will actually end up being less productive.

4. Forces You To Create Systems

Making sure the right systems and processes are in place before you take off on your adventure will ensure that everything runs smoothly and you can actually ‘take a break’.Without them your staff will be calling you constantly throughout the day. Set yourself up for success by writing down ‘how’ you do things, write ‘step-by-step’ processes and simplify them with a flowchart.

5Your staff ‘step-up’

Funny how if prepared, certain staff members ‘step-up’ and willingly accept more responsibility. As long as you have left them with systems to follow and clear instructions they more often than not, enjoy playing ‘business owner’ for a week or so. Give them the chance to show they can.

6Digital detox

As business owners we know that to completely forget about your business while on holiday just isn’t realistic, but give it a go anyway. Set a rule that you will only ‘call in’ to the office once a day (of better still – not at all!), and tell your staff not to contact you unless it’s a genuine emergency.

7. Make Space To Be Innovative. To Think

You need to empty your mind (from the daily grind of business routine) to allow the creative juices to flow. Nothing more inspiring than fun and relaxation to open the mind to new ideas and opportunities.

So, you’ve had second thoughts about that long weekend away now right. Instead of saying ‘I can’t’, I can actually hear you say ‘It’s BOOKED!’ 

So, where are you off to this long weekend?

What’s next?

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