Part 1: AroFlo, what’s in it for you?

In week one of our new five-part series ‘Your Guide to Job Management Software’, we’re kicking off with the software we use in our trade business, AroFlo. In this article, you’ll learn how AroFlo’s digitally empowered community benefits from the product’s functionality, adaptability, accountability, and advanced reporting capabilities.

AroFlo, what’s in it for you?

Founded in 2001 by CEO Guy Arrowsmith, AroFlo came to life to fill a growing gap in the market.

An electrician by trade, Guy aimed to develop an online job management system specifically built for the trades and service sector. This meant it had to be suited to a mobile workforce and designed to give tradies the automation they needed to leave behind the days of endless admin work.

He envisioned the software as a tool belt, explaining that “with AroFlo, you won’t always need everything that’s there right away, but when you do, it’ll always be close to hand”. Based on this philosophy of delivering a powerful yet simple-to-use job management software, here are three things we love about AroFlo and think you will too.

1. It’s fully customisable: This means trade businesses of all sizes and scopes will never outgrow AroFlo, even if you choose to scale either upwards or outwards into the future.

2. It’s feature-complete on delivery: This means, every feature is available from day one if you choose, with ongoing support at a set price (no hidden fees was a big plus for us!).

3. It’s aided by customer collaboration: This means AroFlo is consistently developing and improving based on community feedback. 

In our own trade business, DR DRiP Plumbing, we were very impressed by just how adaptable the software is to the needs of tradespeople. As a primarily maintenance-style business, AroFlo’s workflow flexibility, accountability, transparency and reporting functionality has been a great match for our professional work.

Workflow flexibility

As a cloud-based job management system, AroFlo automates your work processes and administrative tasks. Accessible from anywhere, AroFlo gives you the flexibility to manage your business’s workflow on-the-job, in the office, at home, or on holidays — another benefit of its cloud-based infrastructure.

AroFlo offers workflow flexibility not just for your work, but throughout your entire operation as well. Imagine this: no more paperwork, a more productive team of tradies who are smashing it on the profitability front, and happy customers lining up to work with you again.

Meanwhile back at the office, you can be tracking jobs, scheduling staff, recording billable hours, ordering materials, checking compliance requirements, sending invoices and taking payments, all from within the same easy to use interface.

Accountability and transparency

Using smartphones or tablet devices, our tradies in the field can immediately share job information with our office staff, which is invaluable from an accountability and transparency perspective. Through GPS tracking, we always know where our tradies are, what they’re working on, how far they are through the job and when they arrive at the next site. They can even create on-the-spot quotes and issue invoices using AroFlo Field, eliminating paperwork and minimising the chance of costly mistakes.

Reporting tool

Within DR DRiP, we also love AroFlo’s innovative reporting tool. Powered by real-time data, the tool allows us to dig deeper into how every part of our business is performing. We can even slice and dice our data to our liking by using AroFlo’s flexible customisation menu and analysis tools to quickly display information in detail with interactive links. We can then even use the software’s multiple export options to generate and share detailed reports with our team in the format of our choosing.

Finally, with AroFlo there are no lock-in contracts, AND it also integrates with popular accounting packages, payment gateways and SMS solutions, a match made in heaven if you ask us!

If you’d like to know more about AroFlo’s powerful capabilities or want further clarification on any of the feature’s we’ve outlined today, be sure to get in touch with their friendly team! They are devoted to helping clients old and new get the most out of their AroFlo experience and are always ready to answer questions and provide assistance wherever they can.

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