Part 2: Three ways Fergus is different

In week two of our five-part series, Your Guide to Job Management Software, we’re featuring Fergus, the automated job management software used by more than 4000 trade businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

From start ups to established enterprises of up to 50 employees, Fergus is designed to help trade business owners get jobs under control — and keep it that way. In this article, you’ll learn the three ways Fergus is different from other providers.

1. Fergus-only ‘status board’

The brainchild of veteran tradie, Dan Pollard (pictured), Fergus is the result of him having worked in the trenches of his own trades business, where it didn’t take long for Dan to realise that in order to run a successful trades business, proper systems are needed to keep it going — without running the owner into the ground.

Built on the fundamentals of how a successful trades business should operate, Fergus is the only trade software that has a status board, which helps you see where money is being held up in your business and pre-built financial summaries show which jobs are the most profitable or where you lost money on a job.

2. Easily integrates with other platforms

Fergus is a streamlined end-to-end tool that helps trades business owners take control of their business by making sure every cost in the business is allocated to the correct job, and that no jobs fall through the cracks.

Plus, it easily integrates with other platforms.

Fergus has a suite of New Zealand and Australian trade materials supplier and accounting integrations. Invoice integrations with Middy’s Electrical and mean that once Fergus is connected to the supplier’s customer portal, invoices automatically appear overnight and can be easily added to the related job.

3. Two-way invoice sync

Fergus’s two-way invoice sync with and MYOB means Fergus automatically syncs all your invoices and contact records with Xero in real time. Fergus also knows when payments have been reconciled in Xero.

What’s new with Fergus?

Fergus’s latest feature release, Forms, offers a simple solution to getting any type of form needed for a job into the software and out to the team. With Forms, tradies can create their own custom forms from within their Fergus account, including Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms, Safe Work Management Statements (SWMS), general Health and Safety forms, assessment reports or even jobs and stages you need reviewed and filled out by the team — the options are endless.

See how you can use Form Templates to help with contact tracing.

Fergus checklists were another highly requested feature by customers and are the perfect way for tradies to easily manage tasks and tick them off as completed. Checklists make creating internal processes and procedures in your business a breeze, as items can be checked off once tasks are completed on a job or site.

Want to see Fergus in action?

Join one of our free weekly demo webinars, with one of the Fergus experts for a chance to see inside the product and ask any questions. 

Hear from tradies who are using Fergus.

What’s next?

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