Tick, tick, tick… the clock never stops counting the hours, the minutes, the seconds. There is one thing you can say about time – it is a constant. Twenty four hours in a day, no more, no less. The challenge is about how you maximise their use – and it is possible to get more done if you know how… want to know the answer?

Getting time on your side is as simple as:
1. The Goal
2. The Plan
3. The Action
Sounds simple, but really it is these three stages, working in sequence, that help to get you better organised to squeeze more our of your twenty-four hours.

Let’s take a closer look:

1 The Goal
These need to be clearly defined with specific tasks/actions to be undertaken with realistic timeframes.

2 The Plan
It is critical to understand the overall picture with regard to the goal (such as it will take 2 months to complete), but in reality you need break this down to the next 2 days for this is where your immediate focus will lie.

3 The Action
Yes, the most critical of all the stages, for ‘without action the plan is just a plan’.

That said, there are four tips I want to share with you to ensure you effectively manage your time to take action:

1. Set your timelines and stick to them
2. Delegate any tasks that you really don’t need to do.
3. Avoid over commitment by being realistic about what can be achieved within the time available.
4. Make a habit of biting the bullet and just DOING it.

I have personally been obsessed with this last one of late. I have ditched the ‘butterfly effect’ of flitting from one job to another often resulting in no action at all, and have tried hard to put a stop to procrastination, as this is the one single reason that drains us from prime effectiveness.

I have found that simply just DOING IT, like reacting when a gun is triggered at the start of a race, has seen my productivity improve ten fold!
That said, we can’t kid ourselves to think that everything will be perfect all the time. That you’ll always be a bundle of energy, totally focused and motivated to take action. The reality is we’re all going to fall off once in a while. The plans will fall apart, the goals may change, the action may stagnate.

But what happens when you fall off the horse?
You get right back on buddy!

Yes, that’s right. Be the ‘whip cracker’ you need to be on yourself to STOP immediately, recognize what you’re doing and leap back on with gusto!
If you can get these stages down pat in the right sequence – goal, plan and action – you will be sure to squeeze out more within your twenty-four hours!

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