Importance Of YouTube

It’s a great marketing tactic for your business to start your own YouTube channel. Why? Because YouTube is described to be the TV broadcast channel for businesses as it is great marketing for your business and personal brand that helps it grow together.

Importance of YouTube and how it can impact your business

Uploading a video onto your channel even if it’s just a two minute snippet explaining what you are doing in your chosen trade, gives you great exposure, as it is sharing your knowledge in snippets and it is easier to found in the Google search engine as it will come up on the top of the search page, it’s more easier to be found then articles it will get a higher response as it is showing you and your brand.

Creating a YouTube video is great because you create something once and you can use it many different places. You can link the videos to your website by even mentioning in the video your location such as “Hi I’m Bill, I’m working in North Ryde and I’m just going to quickly run through what I’m doing today” so when a potential client goes into the Google and searches Plumbers in North Ryde your website and YouTube video will appear at the top of the page. It builds credibility and is easier for your clients to find you.

The best thing about it all is that Google owns YouTube so your business will always have great exposure as videos rank higher than any text.
Starting a business and building it to prosper into a business that is profitable are two different tasks. By creating a YouTube channel, which is for FREE, is the best possible tool to help you market your company because it can be a hard task.

Benefits of having a YouTube Channel

Popularise your company – Like I mentioned before, a two-minute snippet can give your company great exposure
Sharing made easy – By having videos on a YouTube channel you can get friends and family to share your video through Facebook, which will help, attract more of a client base.
Increase your brand visibility – Even if sometimes you don’t make a video on your channel you can comment on other videos that are similar to yours, share good videos to your channel is making your company more visible to other users as you are now engaging with them.
Increase your site’s views – YouTube lets you insert your video links into other pages, you can link your YouTube video to your page, which increases chances of a person finding your business video through a search.
Save money – An important element in the marketing campaign is money, it cost to print flyers, it cost to put your ad in the newspaper but YouTube allows you to upload your videos for free. It cost nothing.
YouTube Ads – With so many users on YouTube and the 2 billion hits it gets a day, you can place your company Ad on YouTube for people to watch before they watch a video of their choice as it will show before their chosen video, by doing this you can use the video target tool to place your ads.

YouTube is one of the fastest growing sites and is a great platform for you to showcase your company. When it comes too social media marketing there are no sites more important YouTube to help you with it. All you have to do is sign up for free and make full use of the features provided by the site. YouTube can do wonders for your business. So start today.

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