The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business

The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business is a podcast for tradies in business. Your hosts, Andy and Angela Smith, are award-winning trade business educators, fellow trade business owners and co-founders of Lifestyle Tradie. The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business is educational, entertaining, even controversial. It’s about having conversations on topics that matter to tradies who want to be better at business.

Tune in if you’re a plumber, electrician, builder, painter, landscaper, glazier, air conditioning technician (plus many more). Tradie wives and partners will also relate and benefit from hearing the expert tips, step-by-step trade business strategies, insights and the occasional rant! Whether you’re in the car or catching up on admin, you’ll love listening to The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business

Our Story — Surviving the
ups and downs of owning a trade business

After hitting rock bottom in business, how did Andy & Angela Smith turn their plumbing business around and rebuild their marriage?
Check out ‘Our Story — Surviving the ups and down of owning a trade business’ TODAY.

Control freak habits — Is it
helping or hindering your business?

Andy and Angela Smith share their experience of how Andy’s control freak habits almost undid their business, and marriage. Listen to their story of how Andy overcame his ego, and came out the other side with a stronger business, and marriage because of it.

How to put profit first in your
trade business — Guest starring Mike Michalowicz

“If something is important we put it first, so why in business do we put profit last?” Mike Michalowicz, author of best seller “Profit First” joins Andy and Angela to share his profit making methodology and insights into the best way to pocket big $$$ in your trade business.

Small business marketing must-do’s
— Guest starring Tim Reid

Tim Reid, host of one of Australia’s top marketing podcasts and author of ‘The Boomerang Effect’ joins Andy and Angela to shift our thinking; how we can take marketing from a chore, to a passion AND get great results with small budgets.

Why the heck is hiring so hard?

The cost and time alone in finding staff is ENORMOUS for any sized business, so it’s incredibly frustrating when your staff turnover is high. In this episode, Andy and Angela roll up their sleeves and dig into WHY hiring is so difficult, and share a few trade secrets to minimising your hiring headaches.

I’m not a salesperson; I’m a tradie!

As trade business owners, you’re not just a tradie, you’re also a business person.
Join us and we’ll show you some basic sales techniques so that you can make the most of your clientbase and upsell with confidence!

Know your audience and get your marketing plan right — Guest starring Kate Toon

Kate Toon’s joining Andy and Angela in next week’s episode to steer us in the right direction for our SEO and digital marketing. She’s an expert in the field, known in the industry as “The Google Whisperer”. Tune in to find out EXACTLY what you need to do to get your business trending online.

Coming 21st June!

This week on the Podcast, Andy and Angela are joined by our favourite mindset coach, Kylie Ryan.
Together, they unpack why saying “I’m just a tradie” rather than calling yourself a business owner it’s actually hurting your business and impacting your success.

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