4 customer types you need to know to win the quote

When it comes to winning the quote, a one-size fits all approach to your communication with customers could be detrimental. Personality has as much of an impact on customer buying patterns as it does on whom individuals choose to befriend.

As a result, you need to tailor your communication habits to appeal to your individual customer. Generally speaking, customers can be bucketed into 4 groups:

  • The Leader
  • The People-Person
  • The Free Spirit
  • The Task Oriented

Understanding these customers, as well as your own personality type, will help you ‘make sense’ of your interactions, and enable you to alter your on-the-job habits so that you appeal to each particular customer type. It’s all about building rapport… an essential in trust building, and making a customer feel comfortable in your abilities to provide them the high quality service they’re looking for.

The Leader

This customer has a dominant personality. They want to be delivered high quality service and quickly. They’ve already done the research and are ready to buy if you prove that you can meet their needs.

When dealing with the leader, give them the quote promptly (Be upfront, they’ll be unforgiving if you give them blurred lines…), come prepared to do the work on the day and don’t be offended by their assertive nature.
If leaders are unhappy with the job, they’ll let you know and you’d want to rectify the issue quickly.

As leaders are generally natural promoters they’ll spread the word when they’re happy with your service and they won’t shy away from telling people if they aren’t. Word-of-mouth could make or break your business!

The People-Person

This customer is loveable… They’ll want to have a chat, so give them your time! The people-person is a listener, a talker and thrives in a harmonious environment.

When dealing with the people-person ensure that you provide a personal touch! If they aren’t happy with your service, they’re nervous about bringing it up with you – invite them to provide feedback and ensure to be solution-oriented when they provide it.

If made to feel important, people-persons are highly likely to become repeat customers. Repeat customers are less expensive and can spend up to 3x more than new customers… never undervalue your customers!

The Free Spirit

This customer is an experimenter… If you’ve got a new “innovative” product you want to try out, they’re going to be up for it.

Free Spirits are fairly relaxed so ensure you’re follow up systems are in place so you aren’t chasing payments… you should know that they probably aren’t avoiding you if you are chasing up payments, they are just laissez-far by nature and will not react well if you are too pushy.

The Task Oriented

This customer is the perfectionist of the bunch… Their standards are as high and as inflexible as can be.

Task oriented customers want to know the details of the job and exactly where their money is going. They except the tradies to be on time and will cringe at any mess that’s left behind.

When dealing with the task oriented, take special care to follow your systems, ensure your tradies do the job well and that they leave a mess-free environment (clean boot covers and a Tidy Tradie Mat are an essential).

Please a task oriented customer and you’ve won over their loyalty. They know you can meet their standards and they will choose you every time.

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