Content marketing: 9 reasons video is the most powerful

Content marketing — informative articles, blogs, videos — is a subtle alternative or complement to a more direct, message-driven strategy (promotions, sales, “book now!” etc.). Content marketing has proven powerful in attracting audiences.

Content marketing is king because it:

  • Delivers relevant and valuable content to potential customers
  • Increases your credibility and trustworthiness
  • Grow potential customers interest in your services.

These factors all contribute to a final purchase decision.You’re probably thinking, “How does a busy, on-the-go tradie find the time to make content?”

Video content can be created literally anywhere. As a trade business owner promoting a trade service, your content opportunities are your day-to-day activities.

9 reasons why we love video content

1. Tools

All you need is a phone that videos and yourself.

2. Skills

There are a total of two skills involved in video content.

  • Skill 1: The ability to press ‘stop’ and ‘start’ on your video recording.
  • Skill 2: Knowing how to (or someone that knows how to) upload your video onto Facebook and/or YouTube.

3. Cost


4. Time

It only takes a maximum of 10 minutes to record and upload.

5. Topics

You can video anything related to your trade – tips, how-to, testimonials, before/after, jobsite specific content etc.

Check out the videos we do for the Lifestyle Tradie Facebook page HERE.

6. Upload

Videos can be easily and immediately uploaded straight from your phone. If you have a big enough audience you could even do a Facebook LIVE video – no uploading necessary.

7. Branding

You can achieve immediate branding and brand recognition just by having yourself in your video, by wearing your company uniform or by having your company truck in the background.

8. Credibility and trust

Videos make it easy for you to project your personality and therefore your “business’s personality”. It’s an opportunity for potential customers to “get to know you” and see that you know your trade well. This develops credibility and trust, which will influence their decision to use your service.

9. Engagement

People tend to be more responsive to videos and retain more. This means you’ll not only improve engagement, you’ll also be remembered!

And a sneaky, all important 10. Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google?

Yes, if you upload videos to YouTube and use relevant key words as a headline, you will appear high (hopefully on the first page) for the google search for that term. Being remembered or brand recognition is vital in the trade services industry. Don’t think for a second that your loyal customers remember your company name. Sadly, they don’t. If is for this reason we need to stay front-of-mind with our customers. Providing relevant and informative videos, consistently, will ensure you are recalled when your customer needs your service quickly.

Videos on social media are also powerful for engagement because they auto play. Unlike blog posts or articles that require people to click to read to receive their value, videos appear on the newsfeed and play automatically.

Creating video is a content marketing idea that you can do on-the-go in less than 10 minutes. You’ll be surprised how easy (and somewhat fun!) doing these videos can be. What will be your first topic of choice?

What’s next?
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