Why Vehicle Signage Doesn’t Bring New Customers…

The number of times I’ve heard a tradie say ‘Vehicle signage doesn’t bring new customers for me’ is frightening…

Then I ask them, ‘so, what’s on your truck?’

To which they reply, “Oh, you know… I have a mobile number and the name of my company.”

Which, might I add, I discover is the font size of a book AND their company name doesn’t even tell me what solution they provide or what trade they service.
No wonder their vehicle isn’t bringing any new leads!

Vehicle signage is one of the simplest and cheapest forms of marketing for any trade business owner.

You drive either to and from your site every day and park outside the job, or you’re driving around the local area from job to job. It’s clearly a great way to attract a new customer (a lead) as long as they are in the market for your product/service.

What’s even better is the fact that you design it once, pay for it once, and it continues to reap rewards as long as you keep it looking good!
‘First Impressions Count’

Did you know that a customer will form an opinion about you within the first 30 seconds?
If that is truth, then what are you doing to ensure you visually show the customer how professional you are through the consistency of your branding from your website, your vehicle, your clothing for example. The brand colours and style need to be consistent across everything the customer sees.

What will they think if they see a smick looking website, see images of you in uniform and then you rock up at the job in a bomby old truck and a dog in the back? Not good right…

So to help you get your vehicle signage design RIGHT (because there is a wrong way to do this…), here are 5 key elements to consider;

  1. Solid background as the base which is easy to clean (we have crisp white vehicles to ensure they stand out. You may have black or other. Basic block colours are better)
  2. Use of company colours for brand consistency (ours being orange/blue)
  3. Large font phone number (think… customer at a glance while driving needs to see the number, and be able to take a pic while at the traffic lights, or they need to remember your company name)
  4. Large noticeable company name (brand recognition)
  5. Key communication as to what the business does (Plumbing, Drainage and Gasfitting and 7 days/24hours)

Overall you want the vehicle to be noticeable on the busy streets. What can you add to ensure this happens? We added stripes like an emergency vehicle.

Vehicle Signage, if done the RIGHT way, will bring you a steady flow of customers.
Especially in a local area where you drive ALL THE TIME. It’s like keeping your company name ‘top of mind’.
When the customers needs a <insert trade>, they will call YOU!

What’s next?

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